Kylian Mbappe


Nor do I. Because I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen.

We could be easily proved wrong if someone dug out a Mbappe thread from last summer…


Ok. Thanks.


Remember when the odd person actually thought it might be possible we’d be signing this guy in the summer :joy:


You mean people like the player himself?


It was never happening :joy:


Obviously there was scope for it to happen, by the players own admission.

But obviously you would lean towards the stance you do… so yeah LMAO fuck arsenal right :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah alright Buzz Killington. It was nice to dream for a bit - leave us be :smirk:


Was gonna get that yellow away shirt with his name on but it’s looking like £90+ what a joke


@AbouCuellar out of curiosity, what’s the general consensus amongst Barcelona fans about Neymar? Do they think he was a mercurial talent or do they view him as replaceable ?


Sensational player


Yeah but he’s no Dolberg


Yeah, but who is?


I think he is the real genius in the PSG lineup, everyone talks about neymar but in the last 2 games i have seen this guy pulling the strings, his creativity/decision for his age is amazing.


Basically I think they were pretty happy with him until he left, when they proceeded to do the sour grapes thing and desperately search for reasons to fit the conclusion they wanted, BradyMagic style, to belittle his talent.

That’s just my impression from the Barcelona press and my Barça supporting friends, @TheSpecialCnut can probably offer more as I think he keeps a bit track of the Barça forum.



We could have had a team stacked with all the best players that have ever played the game.
Mbappe is yet another in the never ending list of world class players we were “close” to signing or we “could” have had or we “tried” to get.
As if we were ever going to spend more than 100m on Mbappe.
It must be nonsense because this season we’re told we can’t even spend more than 50m without selling players to pay for them.


What a surprise! :xhaka:




Interesting read :eyes: