Kylian Mbappe




i think people are being a bit too harsh, ‘i believe we have the mental strength and desire to do well this season’


funny how many fans get their panties in a bunch, each time such articles surface.


As soon as Wenger stops blaming the media, supporters, ex players etc, they will stop having a go back.

He could easily get some of the supporters on his side if only he stopped repeating the same mistakes, and when he does, stop blaming everyone else and take some responsibility.

You must be able to see that constantly blaming others for his own mistakes is turning people against him.



Buffon said that Arsenal made an approach for him once. He trumps Joe Hart. And Ibrahimovic turned us down too.

I’m sure Wenger would still have found a way for that team to finish behind Leicester. :grin:


Any nearly XI without Sebastian Frey and Hatem Trabelsi is frankly a load of bollocks

I still remember that version of PES (2 I think) that had Trabelsi in our squad cos it looked nailed on :laughing:


Lilian Thuram as well. Wenger nearly signed him for years on end


Don’t forget M’Vila.


He still has a way to go to match Redknapp for a “Nearly XI”


Last year OA community didn’t want him because of wanting a proper forward, and he would have been a youth project; now everyone is taking the piss out of Wenger :facepalm:

You guys never cease to amaze me.


I don’t remember anyone doing that.
No one’s criticising Wenger for not spending more than 100m on Mbappe, they are criticising him for the rest of the shambolic transfer window.

But I suppose, like Wenger, you don’t see his mistakes, it’s everyone else fault.


Eh really so why is this threaded with almost IX?

There is fair criticism but over the last week or so it’s been just bs to be honest.


It’s a list of players that Wenger says he “tried” to buy.


No body cared about Mbappe last year; so now they care because it’s something to criticise Wenger on.

Not only that one of our credible ITK’s says Wenger didn’t have the backing of the board for signings, everybody dismissed it and proceeded to make they own narrative.


No one here thought we would spend 100m on Mbappe either, it’s all the other signings he didn’t make that they are bothered about.

If Wenger didn’t have the backing of the board then why does he always go on about “strengthening,” “not being afraid to spend big,” “only buying super quality,” etc?


I would have gladly taken a youth project last summer.

Did he say that? I just went over the summary again and I’m not reading it in clear words that he doesn’t have the backing. It says that the structures aren’t in place but it was also reported all spring and Wenger said so himself that he wouldn’t need someone like a sporting director to help him.


Wenger bid ~€100m for Mbappe and Lemar this summer, roughly the equivalent of last year’s world record. I’m not sure how that can translate into no backing.


Imagine using new evidence to change ones opinion. That’s the OA community for you.

Also I haven’t seen one serious criticism for failing to sign mbappe.


Well there is research that suggests anger and frustration spreads a lot easy online than actual good news.