Kylian Mbappe


We are linked along with every other big club. We won’t get him as we don’t ever get the best young talents. @Burgundy you watched him before?

I predict he will go for 50M€ or something like that in the next year or two


Supposed to be Kylling the French league right now


@Burgundy weren’t we supposed to be close to closing a deal on him?


Yeah, because he was on a youth contract but Monaco managed to get him to sign by giving him assurances of first team football.



@Sol was good but @JakeyBoy just killed it :slight_smile:


Kylian Mbappe has just scored his first ever senior career hat-trick for Monaco.

He’s still only 17!

Outrageous talent.

Would love if we signed this guy. Show’s frauds like Chamberlain up when this guy is only 17 and is better than him already.


I hate this rule that the EPL has that we must have a certain amount of English players…English players in general are fucking garbage, but we have to allot a certain amount of space to them and then keep them to keep our tally up but then on top of it pay double the amount to utter shit players because you have to keep them for numbers. I think it should be down to talent does it really matter that they come from your country…i dont think France has the same policy etc and i guess even if they did it wouldnt be such a fucking handicap because they have some bloody talented players in their country…England are generally dogshit for most sports.



Please Arsene. Pay anything for this guy


Honestly. This guy is a fifa17 career mode hero. Literally spent months playing with him, feel like hes an Arsenal man already.

Make it happen!


If he such of fan of Henry he should be gettable. But us paying dozens of millions for a teenager? I don’t see that happening.


I dunno

I think the premier league would be Mbapptism of fire for him just now.


Mbappe would be a signing for the next 10 years. It wouldn’t matter if he would struggle his first one or two years. I think the talent is there.


I really need to watch a few games of this guy.


Wenger rarely spends big on already top class players but he has spent a lot of money on young players with potential.
Henry wasn’t cheap when we bought him, Reyes was our biggest signing when we got him, Walcott was a PL record signing and Chamberlain wasn’t cheap either.

As a club we don’t like spending a lot of money on world class players.
So if Wenger can build Mbappe up as the next Henry or world class striker, it means he and the board won’t have to splash out 80m or so on a player like Griezman or Aubameyang, who aren’t going to come here anyway.

We are still waiting for a replace,went for RVP and Perez and Welbeck are his two biggest striker signings, so it’s clear he isn’t going to buy a ready made world class striker, even though we have been desperate for one since we sold RVP.

If we can get Mbappe for around 25m, I think this will be the replacement for Giroud.
But I can’t see him being the player to convince Ozil and Sanchez to sign new contracts.


Mate that’s never happening. This guy is one of France’s best prospects. Your looking at over 35M imo!


They weren’t cheap, but Henry for example wasn’t a break the bank type of transfer either. Arsenal sold Anelka for double that price that summer.

Dembele went for cheap, but I don’t think Mbappe will. Especially when Monaco reaches the Champions League and all that.


Would love him here. Just not sure we’d pay the fee. He’ll go for more than Martial for sure.


The true top clubs are surely after him. That should Kyliany hope of him coming here.