Kylian Mbappe


It’s not a certainly, but players like Kovacic and Asensio are making already making regular minuten right now f.e. Point being Barcelona is a mess. They will no doubt find there way back and win shit, but right now stuff seems a lot better prepared for him, now and in the future, at Real Madrid.


With a willing buyer in United they should probably be looking to move Bale on anyway.


He would start every game at Arsenal, will be the main man developing under Wenger. Choose wisely :thinking:


I’m not sure developing under Wenger means what it used to.


Can only see him ending up at Real or Barca

At least Arsene can say we tried to sign him


Alexis is a good recent example, he’s a lot better now since he signed.


He would near enough be the perfect tonic for losing Neymar.

If Real aren’t careful they may well end up getting Lukaku’d.


Barca badly need him now.


If we want Lemar, we should probably get a hurry on and hand Monaco a golden platter, with lots of money on it, and maybe a twix or two.


I think if Mbappe leaves Lemar will insist to leave. That side has been scavenged.


it’s pretty fucking obvious that they won’t be keeping Lemar, if Mbappe goes, anyone goes.




Or to put it another way…“Here’s another one I fucked up.”


Wenger is telling us he tried at least again, but this trick doesn’t work anymore.


But at least we can say, “we tried.”

If it wasn’t for the fact we we have no Champions League football, the club is in disarray, our best players are leaving, we are stagnating, we would have to sell players to buy him, he could go to any club in Europe, and the fact we won’t pay 100m for a player, Wenger could have bought him.

Does he really think supporters still believe this rubbish?
Even the few supporters that do believe him don’t care who we “tried” to buy.

He’s a liar because the club has already said “we had to sell before we could buy,” so how could we possibly afford 120m without selling half the first team.


We have an awesome nearly XI


Wenger is a genius, then :mustafi:


We have a “we tried” front three of Ronaldo, Mbappe and Lemar.


Good enough to lift the ‘We Tried Trophy’ !


Remember debating with people on here whether we should be wasting time and money pursuing Mbappe instead at the addressing other areas of the team.

Funny how things turn out