Kylian Mbappe



A comma after “grammar” would be nice too.


You do like bad boys like :xhaka:.

Why don’t you want Mbappe here?


You’re probably right.

It’s not so much the holes, but the square pegs in them, that need sorting out.


Maybe wengers has plans for AMN, Willock, Jeff and Nelson this season. We cant buy every single player we are meant to use our academy what is the point of having it if none of them ever get a chance. From what i have seen of those players i feel they can be helpful in the first team.


I would take him here it was just a joke countering his troll announcement


You’re clutching a bit there per say.


MY GUY. :smile:


I do agree, but i think Lemar is needed at least.


Shit plan.




I thought any interest in Mbappe was out of the door anyway as soon as we signed Lacazette.



If you’re Mbappe do you chose Real Madrid or Barca?

I think Barca would be the better shout long term


Now Neymar has gone a space has been cleared for him. Still think Real would be prepared to shift bale asap to make way for him.


Arsenal is the correct answer.


Real Madrid has already build a young core Mbappe would go perfect with. Theo Hernandez, Asensio, Kovacic, Ceballos.


Rivals for game time no?

There are no La Masia talents coming through atm, He could have that starting place nailed down which would be better for his development.

I reckon Messi and Suarez are better tutours than anyone at Real Madrid tbh


I suppose you have to wonder if that core of young players are actually likely to be forming 40-50% of the Madrid side in three years or whatever.

The way Barca have had youngsters go on to form key parts if their side with that generation of players must weigh heavy in your mind when making a choice.


Barça will definitely need a similar player outwide like Neymar. I think Mbappe would fit that as close as anyone possibly can.

If the rumours are true that he’s decided he wants to leave, then it’s a bit of a coincidence that it was reported tonight. Barça may have stepped their interest up in the past few days.


That’s short term. You said Barcelona would be a better bet long term. Which it isn’t since Real Madrid’s future is very clearly laid out. None of those guys is really a rival for game time for him as a striker. Maybe for now because Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema are still there, but that will resolve itself eventually anyway.