Kylian Mbappe


If it’s true Wenger was willing to pay 125m for Mbappe after we already got Lacazette, then there is no excuse for him not to get Lemar as a replacement for Sanchez and then go and get a world class midfielder to replace Cazorla.


A lot of logic here in this post, Wenger isn’t necessarily one to consider it though.




Never wanted him anyway :grinning:


This doesn’t make sense at all. Just because he was prepared to pay 125 million for a truely elite talent, that doesn’t mean he should pay 120 million for two other players.


Y’all dreaming if you thought we were going to both Laca and Mbappe. We don’t buy top quality strikers, how could we expect two in the same window lol


We’re not talking about just any players though, we’re talking about signing quality players we need.


In our mind. Wenger might aswell have a lot of confidence in Ramsey. He might not be prepared to pay that same sum for other players.


And therein lies the problem, it’s misplaced confidence for a player that is not only injury prone but also has had only one very good season with us hardly playing our best football.

One of the many reasons as to why we won’t win the league under him again.


There is no excuse not to fill the holes in the first team, unless we want to be out of the top four again.


Didn’t I get scorned for suggesting that no Mbappe bid had been made?


Lemar is a midfielder man.


Yes, you crusher of dreams. :pensive:


But we need replacements for Cazorla and Sanchez, unless he signs a new contract.


I agree :slight_smile: just saying. Lemar isnt a forward per say. not yet anyway.


Who? Lemar or Mbappe? Just because Mbappe isn’t as sexy as Giroud? :gabriel:


Mbappe. Nah Giroud isn’t my type :grin:


You’re just inviting Jakeyboy to get up your ass about your grammar aren’t you?


I couldn’t join the royal air force because I didn’t have a C in English GCSE.

Tried twice, now accepted language isn’t for me. I embrace my stupidity :smile:


Yeah, but like I said. Maybe Wenger believes that aren’t holes.