Kylian Mbappe



Gone a bit quiet in here. I’ve no news, just thought i’d make ye all look. :smiley:


Mbappe is getting boring now. Need some fun in my life, I got so hyped on him everything else now seems boring.


Silence is fine with me, Just means when we announce it out the blue it’ll be a nice suprise :joy:


I think it was either him or Lacazette. Would be extremely surprised if we got both.


Same, unless Wonga knows we’re selling Sanchez and wants to do a 3-4-1-2 with Ozil behind Lacazette and Mbappe.


And so yese did, ya fookin’ eejit! :coq:


Elite troll


Yes! He is joining us! Apart from joke, what did he say? :hipster:


He hates Italy. Something about bad fashion, I dunno.


Or was it something like Luca is a Pasta boy…could be the case?!


Christ! Really starting to hate Mr. Beer from Croydon :xhaka: :grimacing:


We haven’t made a bid for him at all


The dream is over


I think he’s saying we didn’t offer £125 million pounds that been doing the rounds lately.



Well that is a bit of a kick in the nuts… even if we were doomed to failure, I was happy to see us go for it with big, big offer… haha…


hmmm maybe… “we haven’t made any offer” sounds like zero, but AW does like to parse words in his own way.


Open to interpretation but it sounds a lot less dramatic when you watch the conference.


People always say this kind of stuff as an “offer” or “bid” can be construed as the last stage in the process.

In any case, it’s always been Mbappe who was going to decide his own future and it’s always been clear that whatever club he picked would pay the necessary fee. The fact that Wenger pushed to recruit him (unsuccessfully it appears) is more telling than whether or not a “bid” was formally lodged.