Kylian Mbappe


I don’t see why this would ever happen when we’ve just signed Lacazette.

What would be the point?


We’re selling Sanchez?


Mbappe could be our generations Messi.
Mbappe isnt a main striker.



Mbappe can/will be great.

However, there’s a good chance we aren’t seeing another Messi in our lifetime.


If hes another Henry he’d be worth it.



Oh for sure, getting Mbappe would smooth over losing Sanchez there’s no doubt about that.

Just can’t see it happening though.


We aren’t signing Mbappe and Lacazette. That mirror article is nonense specially the part where it says we are struggling to sign Lacazette :joy:


£120m + Walcott + Wilshere + ArsenalTV for Mbappe should get it done.

EDIT: checked Twitter for the first time since April re: Arsenal.

Why has the internet exploded with Arsenal £125m bid for Mbappe (Sky, BBC and B/R all reporting it)…


A lot of the time it’s an echo chamber.

One shitty source reports it and before you know it it’s spread like wildfire.


If he was older, I’d say there was zero chance of this happening.


So what are the chances now? 0.1%? :wenger:





Are we relying on Mbappe’s awld man to get this deal done now? :flushed:


Whatever it takes to make it happen :wink:


An common part of the process tbh.


Don’t know why but I still feel quietly confident that we can pull this off ¯_(ツ)_/¯


We can talk to his dad as much as we want. It’s Monaco that need convincing.


Hopefully he’s got one of ‘those’ dads. Like a Lewis Hamilton-type dad