Kylian Mbappe


We need to sign a player like Lemar regardless if our new striker is named Mbappe or Lacazette.

I am aware the option that was given was Mbappe or Lacazette/Lemar, but I would like to believe we can at least afford one other player along with Mbappe.


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I think people are being reserved here too. Barely a thousand posts. Higuain had done double that this far into the rumour!
[/quote]Unlike Wenger, supporters on here are learning from their mistakes.

That’s precisely what we’ve been doing :wink:


What we’d be doing is having a weaker squad than the one that already finished in 5th place.


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I’m setting myself up for disappointment but fuck it :grin:



Plus Laca as back up :giroud3:


Cant help but feel Mbappe would be used put wide initially, even at Monaco Falcao is the striker right?


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Don’t think you can fit Lemar, Mbappe, Sanchez and Ozil into the same team with our ‘new’ formation.

Obviously it’s preposterous anyway, but if Lemar is coming in then you can be sure we aren’t keeping both Sanchez & Ozil


We only replace, never add. I agree we wont be getting both Laca and Lemar unless one of Sanchez or Ozil leaves.


We always fail to mount a proper title challenge also, so hopefully the club decides it change its ways.


The one thing about spending £100m+ on a player of this potential is that his value will only increase. The fee is huge but the kid is basically a triple A rated investment.

We could simply sell him for a profit of £20m+ or more in a season or two.

Nobody should be put off by the initial price tag even though it is a gigantic piss take that a fucking human being who is swell at kicking a football is deemed to be worth that amount of money.

Which ever club that isn’t Madrid that buys him will only make money on his inevitable sale to Madrid down the line.


I don’t trust us to sell him off properly at all, knowing us he’d swan off on a free or with a year left which reduces our leverage.

There’s a snowball chance in hell of this happening anyway.


I don’t know that it is though. This isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo where he’d been sick for years and just come off the back of a CL win and performed in the world cup and euros etc. This kid has had an awesome season in Ligue 1 but there’s nothing to say he won’t get hit by second season syndrome or that he’ll even be able to settle down in the Premier League.

He’s still a teenager. He’s got a hell of a lot of growing up and developing to do and there’s still plenty that can go wrong. He got 26 goals and 14 assists in 44 games in all comps which is an amazing return for an 18 year old but I just still think the jury might be out given its one season and he’s still so young. €130m is only a guaranteed investment if we know for sure that nothing goes wrong in his development, which we don’t.


There is an element of risk, spending 100m or more, but we have dropped out of the top four and look likely to repeat that unless we start buying the best players we can.

Ozil and Sanchez have been our best players and it’s no coincidence that they were the most expensive.

We have accumulated almost a whole squad of good players but very few are more than that, yet several are being paid top players wages which isn’t reflected in their performances.

So it might be a lot of money for a striker, but buying several like Perez, Giroud, Welbeck, etc, and paying them around 300k a week between them clearly hasn’t worked.

When was the last time we bought a striker that really gave the club a buzz and got the supporters excited?

I would rather take a chance on Mbappe just to give everyone a lift and fail, than do the bare minimum where we know we aren’t going to really challenge.

I know it’s not going to happen but I would have no problem with us spending that amount on a striker.
It worked with Ozil and Sanchez when we spent big, so maybe spending big means you get a better quality player.



That’s more than what Monaco ask, right?


So in the same transfer window we are going to buy Lacazette and Mbappe for a combined 170m.:open_mouth:

World class strikers are like London buses.
You don’t see one for more than four seasons and then two come along at once.
This is never going to happen.