Kylian Mbappe


pff he’s never joining us, just a waste of time even discussing him


Really like Mbappe and would be a phenomenal signing but I feel Lacazette and Lemar would be the better option.


I’d agree if it was the same Monaco team going into next season - I said before that I though Mbappe and the rest of the team should stay together, but that clearly isn’t happening - they’re being torn apart. Silva has already gone, Bakayoko has almost gone, Mendy and Lemar are both being strongly linked with moves away. It’s a revolving door kind of club which probably isn’t as appealing. I’m not saying we’re the better option, just that this “exciting” Monaco team might not actually exist next season.


We get it already


Most players want to play PL football at some point in their careers also.


And yet they’ll still play more exciting than us going into next season most likely.


Exactly. If Ozil and Sanchez left we would replace them quite well with Laca and Lemar.


Monaco are such a flavor of the month club atm, it wasn’t that long ago they were trying to shamelessly buy their glory.

Once they get stripped down for parts and their next batch of youngsters don’t quite have the same success as this seasons all the football hipsters will move on to some other club to circle jerk over.

One more year at Monaco would suit him well, but nothing more, he needs to make the step up to one of the big 3 leagues if he wants not only to aid his progression, but to become one of the greatest in the world. Look at Lacazette, he seems stuck in football purgatory in that leauge, if he was reaching those numbers in Spain/Germany/Eng it would improve his profile tenfold and he would be walking into the NT.


A bit harsh to call them favour of the month tbh, they do consistent good business and are already bringing in impressive youngsters. Yes they sell on their players but they seem to have a good system and structure in place.

Mbappe doesn’t have to rush at all he’s 18 not 23, a few more seasons at Monaco would be perfectly fine.


The point of this section of the forum is to entertain discussion on Mbappe potentially joining Arsenal. Just FYI.


Or to piss all over it and call people deluded. Whatever you’re into really.


yeah well be my guest discussing fantasy signings that are never gonna happen

rather talk about stuff that might actually occur myself


Even so, he hasn’t committed his future anywhere just yet and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the speculation.


Especially when the boredom of the football off-season drives a person to insanity.


I think people are being reserved here too. Barely a thousand posts. Higuain had done double that this far into the rumour!


[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:1036, topic:642, full:true”]
I think people are being reserved here too. Barely a thousand posts. Higuain had done double that this far into the rumour!
[/quote]Ah, give it time my Irish chum, the Summer still has another two months ahead :poldi:


Mbappe is 18. He will progess in Ligue 1 and the kid has more than enough time to move.

Lacazette is not good enough for one of the great teams. It’s not a coincedence it was Atletico, and now us, who are in for him, two clubs a level below the elite in Europe. That’s why he’s still in France imo. Plus I think Deschamps also just prefers bigger players. He still plays fucking Sissoko.

Btw moving at 26/27 is the way it’s supposed to be. As someone who follows a smaller League/clubs (Eredivisie), it’s quite boring seeing guys move to one of the three bigs Leagues for the money after 2 nice years.


If anything the Mbappe noise has underrated what a massive season Lemar’s having. He looks like he could have it all and become world class, Iwobi is basically a ‘tidy player’, massive gulf in class and in noway comparable.

Lemar definitely brings us up a level, it isn’t certain whether he or Mbappe go onto be the better player. Could go either way imo.

Would obviously love either here, both special players who would bring us up a level


Ok fine we’ll sign average players and finish 4th or 5th.

Now fuck off and let me dream of sexy signings and winning things


If you actually sit down and watch them they are very similar in their style of play, the way they carry the ball with penetrating runs through the center is a massive similarity, Lemar is obviously just a lot more talented/established.