Kylian Mbappe


to be fair, Mbappe plays well beyond his years. The guys instinct is just something you cannot teach, he could very well be a Messi tier player one day.

Martial hasnt offered a shred of what Mbappe has.


Yes yes, and even your sister-in-law would score a lot of goals in La Liga. Thank god we didn’t sign that Diego Costa fella.


That clip above where he runs forward realises he is offside cuts back and when the ball is played skins the defender…i dont see world class talent do that or have that much detail to their game at times, and this guy is only 18. No one can say this guy isnt going to be a special player, at a young age the guy knows EXACTLY what he is doing in the forward like and he already has the confidence in himself to do things like this and it all is natural ability not him trying to be clever like most players he geninely just is clever (football wise at least)


it is known as an easier league for goal scoring out of the top 5 leagues tbh.


Lol. The two players couldn’t literally be anymore different. What Mbappe has done at his age is unbelievable and IMO far surpasses anything I have seen Martial do before or during his move to United.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people go on about how much of a risk he is but I genuinely don’t see it. The kid is lightening in a bottle, if he doesn’t turn into one of the best strikers in the world it would be terribly surprising.

It’s like watching Neymar when he was in Brazil, yes, he was playing at a poor level of competitive football but you’d have to be blind to not see his obvious, unquestionable talent and potential. So the fact that we’ve seen Mbappe produce the goods in the CL - the highest level of competitive football - it honestly baffles me how some people don’t see the necessity in this transfer.


Nah I’m not saying we shouldn’t buy him. If we pulled it off I’d be excited beyond belief, however it is more risky than what i mentioned as an alternative. Yeah I’m doubting a couple things about him, but imo it would make a lot more sense and be much more realisitic if we decided to go the other way.


a) Isco is not for sale
b) James and Isco would cost more than 130m and are older and would not bring back as much as Mbappe when sold on
c) Players of James and Isco’s profile come along far more often than players of Mbappe’s.

It doesn’t make sense nor is it realistic.


I would agree it is a risk spending 100m on Mbappe but we have stood back and watched most of the other top clubs in Europe spend big and get success from it while we have dithered and are the biggest club not playing in the CL.

It’s not taking a risk and spending on world class talent that has seen us fall behind all the other top clubs.

The biggest risk is not buying players like Mbappe.
It’s about time we had a world class goal scorer rather than accumulating several average strikers.


A) Is just an example of a type of player we need with high technical ability that can replace Santi in the midfield. I’m not saying buy Isco and Isco only.
B) Is a moot point we don’t maximize player sales regardless. As an Arsenal fan resale value shouldn’t even enter into your lexicon. And lol older? James is right in his prime in his mid 20’s.
C) You are 100% correct, and that’s why Madrid the 11 time CL winners are going to get a player like him and not us. Yeah it’s nice to try and for Wenger to try and use his influence, we would all be pissed if we didn’t at least try but realistically it won’t happen. Much better to try and pick up the Real Madrid cast offs who are pretty damn good regardless.


We have 200 mil in the bank, right? Should be enough to get both Laca and Mbappe :mustafi:


The only risk in spending that much on one player is that they are only human and could get injured in their first match.

Talent wise, Mbappe will prove to be worth every penny.


100% he’s the best teenage striker since R9 anyone who thinks it’s risky splashing so much money on him is off their rocker.


This. People are making it a lot more complicated than it is.


it’s all completely moot

he’s never signing for us for any money


An important, in no way redundant contribution to the discussion, this.


Feisty one you are.


Mbappe or Laca-Lemar? We would improve in 2 positions with them.


Mbappe for me, not only would he show a genuine change in direction for the club but he’s the sort of player that would entice others to join us. With France’s plethora of talent coming through that could be handy in itself.

I really like the look of Lemar but he looks a bit like a more refined Iwobi in his style, not a bad thing, just maybe not a priority in our set up.


Id say Mbappe because in reality there is no down sides to him. If we get him he would massively change our club and we genuinely will have a WC talent which can only improve and will spend many years with us. If RM come calling etc we can easily quote them £250m or tell them to fuck right off. Although we broke a record paying £42.5m on Ozil there is still this feeling that ‘Arsenal are not wlling to spend’ ut if this happens all of a sudden that will completely feel false after this and it will send a big message to all of the teams that scoff at us and all players too.

You think of what this will do to other clubs all of a sudden it is like ‘whoooooaaa arsenal have finally woken up and arent messing about we have to be more worried about this’ Also to other WC players it will say ‘look if you are good enough and we want you enough we will meet demands and we will get you here’ And then all of a sudden players like Ozil and Sanchez etc will be more likely to stay and things will rev up and when you start getting players like this just the energy that goes throughout the squad gives a boost that will want them to work harder because they want to win together (hopefully)

Players like Lacazette are more the ilk of ‘this is a good signing well done’ not ‘whooooaa fucking hell i didnt see that coming we best be watching our backs’


Question isn’t even why would he rather join us than Real it’s why would he leave Monaco for us in the first place?

They’re playing exciting football, in the CL and fuck knows what’s happening with Özil and Sanchez with the latter almost definitely going to leave.

The Wenger effect really isn’t as powerful as some make out, he opted to stay there when Wenger tried the first time and that says a lot because Monaco weren’t what they are now back then.

This shit isn’t happening folks.