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Sevilla, who finished 4th and won the Europa League, got like 5 young starting players for the same amount of money that this club spent on Pepe.


I will say this though: They pay lots of money, arguably too much money in most cases, for one or two players, and then just ignore 3-4 weak positions in the squad because they then claim that they can’t afford any more.

The team needed another central midfielder, a more creative type in front, a right back and then maybe someone better to play on the left.


I’m really starting to wonder if Kroenke and son are secret Spurs fans appointing incompetent management for fun and enjoying torturing Arsenal fans

Alternatively, perhaps Josh has been playing football manager and after getting Eastleigh to win the Prem and CL in that game, he now thinks he’s an expert and emails his team selections and tactics over to yes man Captain Black every week.


Arsenal is just a toy for the Kroenkes, something to brag about at cocktail parties and to show off to their billionaire friends on occasion. Like a sports car you drive once a year.

The sad but most likely scenario is that they aren’t thinking about the club at all right now.


I honestly couldn’t give a fuck if they do. But I wish they would employ some cunts who would do so.


Problem is the current cunts aren’t going to sack themselves. So if the Kroenkes aren’t going to do it, nobody will.

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That is an incredible thing to say.
Are they spurs supporters in disguise?

Since Kroenke took over we’ve seen us go from challenging for the title, with world class players, to mid table with the worst manager and group of players assembled at the club.

He has done nothing for the club so these supporters not being opposed to his latest money making take over will only perpetuate the situation.

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Like all the other owners they sell out for the money.

12 points in the league in the last 10 games tells us all we need to know about being under this guys control 10 years in.

Soon he’ll be making Mike Ashley look like a hero.

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I read that quote as being made in 2007, before he took over, not now.

Ownership is doing what a lot of people want to see. To have people with a past in football be in charge. The mistake here is that Sanllehi and Edu aren’t the right people.


Do we have enough evidence on Edu yet?

Sanllehi was a disaster

Unpopular opinion: Kroenkes are the latest to blame for what are happening at Arsenal.

The jury is still out of Edu I guess. But someone with more vision and an actual plan, willingness to act would have gotten rid of Arteta at this point. The fact that he chooses to let things play out is not speaking in his favour in my opinion.

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I think I’ve made my mind up on edu.

That he has no authority, or he is just as much of a moron as Arteta is.

He should be putting the brakes on the more stupid shit Arteta is doing.

If we sign a CB this summer I am done with this entire structure. Blow it all up tim Lewis, these guys are robbing the Kroenkes money also.


Surely they’ll want a piece of that ESL :moneybag:

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The ESL has been this cunts end goal the whole time, with his eyes on the money he’ll profit from :weary:


It’s true isn’t it? Why bother learning how to run a football club when you can just turn it into the Denver Nuggets instead.


He’s figured out a way to get permanent CL level $ without the “difficult for Arsenal” part of CL qualification.


We both wish we were ran like the Denver Nuggets right now.

I can’t even think of an NBA team ran more ineptly than us.

Probably the Knicks but even then they’re doing well now

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True story.

It would be more accurate to say that Arsenal are now just like the Colorado Rapids. They’re a joke in MLS.

@Electrifying The Wiz were run pretty poorly for years. I think they may actually be worse run than we are.