Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE)

As if we needed proof that silent Stan is noth8ng but a shyster cunt. He’said your typical ruthless unethical American business man and it sends shivers down my spine that this arse is a major share holder… scary stuff

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Is a cunt

Don’t be so harsh on yourself Calum :slight_smile:

Basically we’re always going to be owned by such a person/organisation from here on out.

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“Texas man’s suicide note blames Rams owner Stan Kroenke”

The land Stan Kroenke purchased for what is now the largest ranch in the US ended up kicking many impoverished families in to homelessness.

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You’d think after such an insane investment that he’d at least liaise with the residence and possibly chuck them a wedge of money to ‘help them out’ of the area perhaps?

Seriously what can be done to force this guy to sell ? On the face of it simply just seems like we are stuck with him. When you look at all of his teams around the world none of them ever really achieve the ultimate do they ?

When Wiggy became the majority shareholder of the club in 2011 it was worth a fair bit under $1 billion, last year the value rose over $2 billion for the first time.

Would you sell up? :sunglasses:

Yeah the only way I’d sell is if some billionaire offered substantially over market value.

Looks like a necrophiliacs sex doll


LOL this sounds very familiar… :thinking:

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6 months? :laughing: and Arsenal supporters still get accused by some of short termism

In their defence tho, I suppose they’re looking across the pond at us and seeing how Kroenke is allowing this club to slip from the top level, and just preempting the same decline at their own club.


More accurate

Are any of the majority of fans of any of the clubs he owns actually happy ? :joy:

Kroenke - Parasite.

As long as he is here there will be a massive downturn at this club.
I said this when he first came here, and nothing I’ve seen has changed my mind.

Like Wenger, Kroenke is dragging us down.
Supporters need to know this, if they don’t believe it, they are deluding themselves.

problem is though that there is no real way of getting rid of an owner, he aint gonna go just because the fans want that to happen. He said he is not going anywhere and doesnt care what he is offered so he will not be bought out either…so nothing can be done about him, wenger though that is a different story.

Maybe he should take a stroll around his Texas ranch - plenty of rattlers around.

I’d really like to know what it is Stan is doing at Arsenal that makes him as deplorable as he seems to be to some fans.


Nuggets, they actually have a future now.

See supporters of all the other clubs he owns for details.

He is only here to make money.
He is not a supporter of our club, he doesn’t like football, he rarely attends matches and yet he is ultimately the person who will decide who our next manager will be.

None of the clubs he owns are successful and he only owns them to make money.

The club is going downhill, and has been since he has been here.

How obvious is it that this parasite is no good for any sporting club, let alone us.

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