Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE)

Correct signed a 5 year deal in the summer of 2017.

Didn’t really want to start an entire new thread but this has gone unnoticed and I guess more because its bollocks, also not the best sources reporting it either but just some news to spark some funny debate


KSE need to go but not so much for the reasons lots of people always talk about money etc

They need to go first and foremost IMO because they aren’t capable of setting up off field structures and people in place that will help this club compete with and amongst Europe’s elite. When I say that I mean from director of football to manager the whole lot.

When it comes to the financial side of things there are better owners in the caper but the reality is we do have a top 10 wage bill in Europe so it’s barely our biggest problem.


I think early years of involvement they were highly guilty of lacking ambition and investment. Latterly some financial backing is there and since Lewis arrived they’ve started to shake the structure. Quite rightly Raul paid with his job for our lowest league placing in years and wasting so much on shit for brains Pepe.

Now the gamble on Arteta is proving a bust we need to see a swift response and replacement if performances aren’t much improved in the next 2-4 premier league games.

So far they’ve proven to be highly inept owners who don’t understand how to appoint leadership who can make a difference. We never replaced David Dein effectively and he was the last exec level leader at the club who knew how to play cleverly in top level football with highly successful runs first with Graham then Wenger. Although Dein is perhaps too old to do the job now they could do worse than to get on the phone to him now and pick his brains for a way through and maybe add him to the Lewis non exec team.


Hire Luiz Campos, hire Nagelsmann. Simple