Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE)

Correct signed a 5 year deal in the summer of 2017.

Didn’t really want to start an entire new thread but this has gone unnoticed and I guess more because its bollocks, also not the best sources reporting it either but just some news to spark some funny debate


KSE need to go but not so much for the reasons lots of people always talk about money etc

They need to go first and foremost IMO because they aren’t capable of setting up off field structures and people in place that will help this club compete with and amongst Europe’s elite. When I say that I mean from director of football to manager the whole lot.

When it comes to the financial side of things there are better owners in the caper but the reality is we do have a top 10 wage bill in Europe so it’s barely our biggest problem.


I think early years of involvement they were highly guilty of lacking ambition and investment. Latterly some financial backing is there and since Lewis arrived they’ve started to shake the structure. Quite rightly Raul paid with his job for our lowest league placing in years and wasting so much on shit for brains Pepe.

Now the gamble on Arteta is proving a bust we need to see a swift response and replacement if performances aren’t much improved in the next 2-4 premier league games.

So far they’ve proven to be highly inept owners who don’t understand how to appoint leadership who can make a difference. We never replaced David Dein effectively and he was the last exec level leader at the club who knew how to play cleverly in top level football with highly successful runs first with Graham then Wenger. Although Dein is perhaps too old to do the job now they could do worse than to get on the phone to him now and pick his brains for a way through and maybe add him to the Lewis non exec team.


Hire Luiz Campos, hire Nagelsmann. Simple


For years I felt it inevitable that Kroenke would send us down to relegation battle territory and that he was the worst owner of a football club since Randy Lerner.

In the early Autumn just after we signed Partey I wondered if perhaps I’d been too harsh on him. Turns out I wasn’t.

He’s got his latest fall guy in Arteta now. At some point Vinai and Edu will be in the firing line too. The rot ever deepens as this clown continues to oversee the destruction of our club. A very dark day when Dein and co sold out to this prick.


We are due a relegation tbf

I wish Kroenke was the one fucking off. Give me Russian, Arab, Chinese billions and a shot at top 4 instead of this steady decline season after season with absolute morons in charge.


It’s not like we haven’t spent though. The managers have been backed. We currently have a manager that doesn’t want to make the best use of prior transfer windows


We currently have a manager who we shouldn’t have had in the first place.

On what merit is this guy managing us? His turtleneck fashion?


We have spent money, loads of money.

You would rather we turn into Chelsea and City and lose anything left about this club that is likeable just so we can get into top 4 which by the looks of it. Is actually quite easy this year.

I couldn’t give a shit if Chelsea or City won anything because to me it doesnt count at all, their achievements mean nothing to me, if we were to spend 1 billion in 4 years or whatever the success we gained would mean fuck all. We didn’t work for it we just relied on some Dirty corrupt money to get what we wanted.

No fan should want that.

What is still likeable about this club? Arsenal has gone through a massive commercialisation process and whored itself out to the Rwandan and Dubai governments. Might aswell swap that for a billionaire owner who spends.


What is left that is likeable? The entire club been transformed into a frankenstein, unrecognisable to me. From the people running it to the way we play the game. It is horrendous.

I couldn’t give a fuck if some oil magnate bought us and brought us trophies and success. And I don’t think I would be alone seeing it this way.

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Do any English fans want us to be bought by some random corrupt bellend and spend 100s of millions?


You think Stan isn’t a corrupt bellend? They all are corrupt bellends. Might as well be a random one who actually knows how to make the cub successful again. Not run it into the ground.


Not what I said was it, hes not spunking his corrupt shitty money on us, we are mostly funded by what we make.

It’s true the manager has been backed on and off the pitch. The owners don’t know anything about football and are seemingly incapable of appointing the right people for senior management so the responsibility ultimately falls on them.

They got sucked into the Arteta fantasy completely and now we’re in the period where they aren’t going to make a change to save face.

Hire Poch and Luis Campos and this side will transform


It’s incredible how far some still have their head stuck in the sand.


And how does that change anything? Inept board is still inept. No serious big Club would appoint Arteta. A fucking nobody, no club legend, with no managerial experience.

They have routinely made bad decisions. Spend big money on the dumbest contracts possible on 30+ year olds on big wages. Attracted mediocre players for large sums.

Hey, look, you are entitled not to wanting random corrupt bellend. I am entitled to want it and subsequent success, because random corrupt bellend isn’t going to let Arteta stay ona fter another loss against relegation material.

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