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The cash injection for Partey has been a very welcome change of direction. Also much happier with the leadership team than I was in recent years (especially Arteta) and think we’ve also got the best squad we’ve had for a very long time.

Hope they’re finally stumbling into a better period and we’ll challenge for the very top trophies again. If they do and recent progress builds I will change my username.


Very worrying times for me, the club is losing tonnes of money, we are restructuring all of our debt to be paid to big daddy Kroenke, we are not living in our means at all just spend spend spend debt debt debt , no sales poor finishes, many players in their last year next year, many older players on big contracts.

We must be earning about 290 mil last year? If you remove gate receipts and a very poor europa league run from the year before, our wage bill has increased and that was 230m alone 2 years ago.

All this for short term success, we need to achieve it.

It’s better to owe Kroenke than basically literally anyone else.

It’s his club. Anything he lends (read: invests) will serve to boost the value of the club which will most likely outweigh the money he puts in. And then he just writes off the debt.

Chelsea was worth less than £1bn when Roman bought them and now they’re worth £2bn or more I think. The money that Roman has lent them has more than repaid itself and he’ll write that debt off when he sells the club and takes a +£1bn gain.


What about the supposed 200m+ cash reserves though. Debt is relative to assets and income. Spurs don’t even own their stadium.

He owns 100% of the club. He can do whatever he wants. The debt (if that’s what it is) makes no difference whatsoever.

Also I haven’t seen anything saying the debt was restructured in such a way as to benefit Kroenke personally. Any details on that?


I just prefer living within our means and not relying on money from our owners, just how I like it I understand the debt I just don’t like it personally.

Restructuring the debt is a good thing as it means Arsenal football club owes Kroenke and the interest rate will be non existent, I know he owns the club, I just don’t trust the Kroenkes and worry if we don’t do well, because if we don’t we will rely on his injections all the time.

ACM if we had those cash reserves we wouldn’t have to wait last minute to ask Kroenke for some money to spend 45m.

Again, its just a little bit less soul for me, I never wanted to be a club who relies on its owners for players.

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I’m not going to pretend to be well versed in these matters but just for my own clarity, was my (very basic) take on it correct?


I don’t think it particularly matters who we owe money to, the key part is the terms of the repayments and how much that potentially stifles the club. In that sense I’d pretty much agree with what you wrote.


We probably wouldn’t be relying on the owners if fans etc were allowed in the stadiums.

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My man. We haven’t gone from being to self-sustaining to Abramovic’s play toy over one transfer. A small cash injection to help during these dodgy times is more than valid.


I wonder if the involvement of that lawyer guy (Tim Lewis was it?) has lead to the Kroenke having more confidence to invest in the current direction of the club. I think he played a part in the removal of Raul also.



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Arsenal will be fine. Next season Ozil, Sokratis and Mustafi are off the books. Guys like Nelson will realise they have no future at Arsenal and look elsewhere.


It looks like it. He’s a massive Arsenal fan too.

Summer 2021 could be big with all these wages free :raised_hands:

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Possibly Luiz as well. Must be around £600-700k a week freed up :hushed:



All big earners who are gone.

Then we jettison guys like Lacazette, Willock, Eddie and Nelson…could have a lot of room to execute an actual plan on rebuilding the roster.


Two years left for him I think :grin:

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good thing at least with Kola at least he did have genuine interest in him this last transfer period but things didnt get done quick enough so we might actually get something for him even if it is something like 5m.