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I did a study abroad semester at KU for 6 months back in 2010.

It was awesome, Lawrence is a great town.


College towns are something that are pretty unique. Everyone should experience it at least once.

Yeah you don’t really get it in the UK to the same extent because most of our unis are in cities or in towns where the town wasn’t built up around the university.

Fantastic experience, some of the months of my life.

After the ESL failure, yep. ESL was all they were/are about. That was the reveal for anyone still on the fence.

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I wonder how much from those seats set him back, that’s a flex

No wonder his lady is beaming

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Cheap ass Stan will be more tight fist I guess

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Stan isn’t on the hook for all of that.

It’s not clear what division of restitution is between Stan and the NFL. This won’t impact our transfer business at all.

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