Kieran Tierney (Signed and completed)

A very good all around LB with loads of minutes under his belt and that recently became 22.
Essentially, exactly what we need.

£500,000 a year for 50 years - its all about consistent cash flow guys!


It’s time to move on now unless we are quite close.

We’ve offered £25m…just accept that you are going to lose the player to us Celtic…if you do we’ll throw in some turnips for you :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think the staggered payments stuff is bullshit, or at least the idea that whatever we’re proposing is outrageously far from the norm. Even if it’s paid in installments it’ll most likely still be covered in the accounts the same either way.

If this was a £120m bid then maybe you’d expect something a bit crazy, but this is a bog standard £20-25m transfer. Arsenal have made £20-25m transfers before.

And for a club like Celtic, it’s not like they’re in need of a ton of money up front so they can go and pay £25m for another left back. They’ve just spent £3m buying a left back (and they’re probably paying in installments).

£25m isn’t much, but if your budget is small, then you have to squeeze as much out of your window as possible.

Celtic are a very parochial club and players are quite close to the fans. Carry on fucking around like this and the lad will find more reason to stay than go.
Ffs he should of been in the states now getting his first experience of playing for a top club. First class travel and hotels and sight seeing.
Really poor effort from the club and looking totally fucking cheap. As for 45 million budget as of now we are not close to spending that amount.


Lol. Just pay the £25m you annoying tight fucks.


He’s injured.

This is all so frustrating because by the end of the window we still could end up with great signings, and I also appreciate us trying to spread our money as much as possible.
But I feel like this might be having the opposite effect right now, and we might miss out on somebody…

I’m starting to be put off this transfer now. I think spending £25m on someone who’s coming off the back of a double hernia operation isn’t really great business.

There are so many red flags and risks with this transfer that it’s understandable the club are hesitant to pay too much up front.


Surely £20-22m plus the rest as appearance based add-ons would be fair

If there’s so much risk about him, and especially that kind of risk, we shouldn’t be buying him at all no matter the price.
I guess if we’re already so interested the staff doesn’t think the injuries will have much long term impact.


Yeah we wouldn’t even be able to play the guy for months anyway

A double hernia = months out?

Wait lol… we’ve been killing ourselves all summer about a guy who is still injured?

When is he supposedly coming back to full training?

The same season Saliba starts playing for us. :grinning:

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That 2020/2021 defense is going to be lit!

Tierney // Saliba // Mustafi* // AMN**

*Mustafi will obviously be here filling in for Rob Holding who will undoubtedly rupture his other ACL

**AMN will still be playing RB after Hector either gets hurt again or is given the captaincy and therefore leaves the club.

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