Kieran Tierney (Signed and completed)

This should be enough now, fingers crossed!

Part of me worries about the timing of this.

Maybe the Saliba deal has fallen through and now we’ve got more funds to close this one, knowing the fans will revolt unless we fucking bring at least one defender in

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I think it’s more a case of our managing trio having a f2f meeting with the Kroenkes in the USA and getting permission to exceed the summer budget limit.

Shit papers.

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Sunday Post again :arteta:

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ngl, wish we’d signed Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo instead. What a name! :smile:


And Fagner on the other side!

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@YJYUX upping his game lately :giroud3:


Thank you God! (Ornstein)…some positive news at last.

Shit Scottish accent tbh

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Told ya Celtic are taking the piss, they have 0 reason not to run this down to the wire and get as much as possible for Tierney.

I get the desire to stagger, but FFS this gets amortized anyway… we have cash on hand… if this is true, FFS terrible stuff from AFC and I will include ownership in that - they need to be pushing to spend smart and strategically and help with the structural BS.


Perhaps it’s us that’s taking the piss.

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Can someone who watched him some tell me what we’re getting (?) here. What type of player is he. What does he do well. I watch youtube clips but everyone looks good on yt.

What Robertson does well is essentially what you’re getting with Tierney, he was Robertson before Robertson was.

Question is how quickly he adapts to the level of the PL, I think he can take it in his stride.