Kieran Tierney (Signed and completed)

First concrete rumour of the window

This guy is exactly the kind of signing we need. A leader, from the beginning as well.

Plus he’s pretty good.


Bidding 15m is an absolute embarrassment. :joy::joy:

What would be an appropriate opening bid then?

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£15 mil is fine tbh, think we can get him for £20-25m

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We’ll he’s fucking class there best defender and a local hero.

15m is just going to get laughed at

Captain Kieran

Celtic fans opinions mean jack shit.

If they did, they wouldn’t have hired Lennon :arteta:

Anyways, return of Orney means… ORNY MEMES!

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Much like the danish league. You cant demand top fees for players doing their trade in farmers league.

20 should do the trick.


He’s not gonna go for anything less than 25-30M if he even wants to leave trophy laden Celtic for this shambles of a football club :joy:

I get that Celtic is his team and all that. But come on, of course he’ll want to leave at some point. What else can he achieve there?! How much satisfaction can there be from winning a one team league every season? Even if we’re just a stepping stone for him, the Premier League will give him more chance to fulfil his potential. He is too good to be plying his trade in Scotland.


He’s literally won 3 trebles :arteta:

I mean that’s the pinnacle already so I don’t know how much more he can achieve there.

Plus he’s been part of some big European nights at celtic park.

Like you say, it’s time to move on.

Finally something reliable…


Delighted we’re finally bidding for a top prospect. Would love a Scot at Arsenal, too.


Great signing if we can actually complete this deal, but I won’t hold my breath.

If you wont hold your breath can you atleast brush your teeth. Jeez dude.

I don’t think there’s a football player on earth with any semblance of ambition that would rather stay at Celtic than move to Arsenal lol


Must admit, I hadn’t put much thought into this guy for us as I presumed he’d already end up at a Man City sort of team this summer. But if we really are in for a shout for him and are looking serious, this prospect is pretty damn exciting!

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It seems that Emery is keen on wide players and wing backs, so Tierney and Fraser would fit the bill and, with Bellerin fit again, we should see how Emery wants us to play.

It’s a massive jump from playing clubs like Ross County and Hamilton, where the local Sainsburys probably get bigger crowds, compared to the PL, where there is a lot more pressure.
So it will take a while for him to adjust but if he is any good, it shouldn’t take that long.

I just hope this doesn’t drag out until the end of the window and we get this done early, because the longer he has to get used to the move here, the better it is for him and us.

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It’ll be interesting to see (if we do get him) whether or not he’ll replace Kolasinac as our main attacking outlet :smile:

Would be massively behind this - perfect age, proven starter and quality player in a position we need to upgrade/address properly… and if we spend 22-25 and sell a couple, we should still be able to bring in another one or two. He is awesome in FM too :santi: