Kieran Gibbs


Some places are reporting it’s only a £5m deal. Pretty sure we could have got more than that. In fact we rejected an offer for more than that. He’s an England international FFS. We are pretty bad at this selling malarkey.

But I guess, at least this way he doesn’t have to move house, what with Watford’s training ground being next door to ours. He can shout over the fence to his mates - if he has any!




Fucking waster


Why are we not just offering to make up the difference for the remainder of his contract. Ffs. Or maybe we are and he just isn’t going to accept a reduction at all. In which case he can enjoy his vastly reduced wages in 12 months time after another season spent on the bench.


He shouldn’t make match day squads although at the rate we’re selling off players who knows.


Ah god damn, Arsenal in a nutshell


West Brom, Watford, West Brom… in out, shake it all about.


Him and Debuchy are becoming real icons of ‘the Arsenal way’ when it comes to wage structure :laughing: As with Debuchy, he’s entitled to earn as much coin as he can get, but his lack of ambition is exposed for all to see.

I remember some pundit a while back arguing that all footballers just want to play the game first and foremost above monetary considerations, clearly nonsense.


At the end of the day, loads of people in every industry do jobs below their level for companies they don’t really care about just for the money.


Off to West Brom for £7m, finally. I take it all back Kieran :eyes:

From £16m to £7m :laughing:


Is this a closing down sale or something? Everything must go… :laca:


That Gibbs clearance in FA Cup final was under appreciated, we would’ve been 3-0 down to Hull :scream:


It was our tactic to set up like that defending set-pieces :smiley: Andre Santos woud of cleared it too! Albeit with a bicycle kick while eating a sandwich, but he’d get the job done too!


With all these players leaving and more caught in the rush for the exit door, does it mean a massive end to the window with several world class players coming in.

Was this Wenger’s plan all along, to sell loads of players to make way for an influx of real quality while throwing away a few points to give the other clubs a chance to get ahead?


:joy: :joy:


I’m going to say no.


Greedy cunt FFS!


haha, accidentally listened to talksport in the car they had a journo on who sounded convinced that

  1. Wenger and Wenger alone set a valuation of £15m early in the summer
  2. We rejected £10m + £2m add ons from WBA
  3. We let time pass and settled for £7m from Watford
  4. WBA said we’ll have some of that and matched £7m.

Arsenal FC :mustafi:


I liked this kid , he saved our bacon against Hull . Can you imagine the embarrassment of going 3 down to Hull in the cup final !
If losing to the Brummies was bad enough imagine losing to Hull !
Pulis will actually COACH Gibbs about defending unlike this pathetic clown we have in charge now .
The only defending he is interested in is defending his 8 million pounds a year contract .
Good luck Gibbs if you move fella .
Wenger will be trying to sign you again in 3 years time .


I’ve always liked Gibbs, but he hasn’t been a starter for a few years so we might as well cash in on him, will miss him though