Kieran Gibbs


The fuck? Didn’t we reject West Brom’s offer of £10m for him because it wasn’t enough? And now we want close to £10m? :expressionless:


FFS! Just sell him :gabriel:


The whole club is rotten :expressionless:


It doesn’t make much sense does it? Probably just all bullshit reporting.


Most of our deadwood deals seems to fall through over wages tbh.


That’s why you don’t run a football club like a socialist hamlet.

Can’t till Wenger leaves so the club can embrace capitalism again


Don’t see the problem with his wages tbh. He’s fit and able as far as I can see and willing to play. Arsenal offered him this contract and it’s Arsenal who’ve now decided they don’t want him any more so it’s up to Arsenal to make up the 20-30k or whatever shortfall for the next 9 months.

Im guessing he’s not stupid enough to be asking for the same / more at other clubs. But then again, maybe he is.




Gibbs probably isn’t the brightest when it comes to financial dealings but his agent certainly will be.


Gibbs is hardly on big money in footballing terms.


He is given how shit he is.




It seems like the evaluation and offers go down every time we’re lucky enough to find someone interested.


Deja vu, I thought the Gibbs to Watford deal broke down over wages several weeks ago



Watford agree free with Arsenal for defender Kieran Gibbs, but personal terms are yet to be agreed, according to Sky sources.


FFS! Greedy fucker.


It says yet to be agreed, not that they’re in dispute.


Watford makes sense for him. Hopefully this is put to bed sooner than later. He just has to hop over the bush for training then, sorted!


Gibbs will be like I fucking hate the east side of London Conley it’s too far away.


Full of fucking mongoloids.