Kieran Gibbs


yes they can get that just about anywhere id imagine.


Pretty sure Prem teams have a wealthier budget than most. Sunderland made same TV money as Juventus for example. Watford are just being tight fuckers.


If either of them are still here in a month then we know the answer to that particular question!


Mid-table to the bottom half of PL teams have a lot of expendable money and really, £16M in today’s money is fairly average change. £18.5M for Andre Gray paints this picture well I think. Totally different roles in comparison and what they entail for each respectively however, compare the two profiles and Gibbs is an attractive proposition for these sort of teams.


Plenty of Premier League clubs pay shit/average players big money, tbh.


I dunno, I was looking at some of the salaries of other clubs and other than their star names a lot of them don’t go over £50,000. The likes of Zaha at Palace for example is one of their better players and he is on £60,000. Gibbs apparently wants £70,000. That’s a lot if you’re also paying the £16m asking price for a player with 1 year left on their contract.




Looks to be around £80,000. He’s decent when fit though. He was their highest paid player until this summer.


That’s definitely a reasonable price. Tonnes of CL experience and over his fitness issues.


Let’s remember Gibbo saved our Champions League spot in 2012, with a fantastic last-ditch tackle against WBA :laca:



Fucking sponger


So Gibbs refused to move to West Brom because it’s in Birmingham and refuses to join anyone who won’t pay him 80k a week (which basically rules out every team in the league bar us).

I hate that level of priorisiting money over a career. Third choice left back I wouldn’t give him league cup minutes tbh.


Eh, I’d be protective of my earnings as well. He knows he’s never going to be a world beater, might as well secure an even larger pension while he can.

Playing 2000 minutes more a season for a couple of seasons won’t mean fuck all when he’s 60 but the 30k a week extra he’s earning now will.


Comparing football earnings really isn’t as simple as putting two numbers next to eachother.

footballers dont work exclusively with salaries, there are performance related clauses and bonuses, signing fees etc etc etc that really change the scope of what they make, that dont get captured by the media at all.

Wenger is a good example of a high basic low bonus contract, on the face of it he earns more than most, but in reality most top draw managers will make more.


Smart man getting a contract with a high basic and low bonus, guess even he knows we aren’t going to win the top honours.


Yeah I was thinking that too as I wrote it actually. :smile: the sly old git.


It’s bigger picture stuff really. WBA might give him 50 a week now but after another year on the sidelines maybe someone will only be prepared to give him 30 or not sign him at all. There’s definitely ways he could end up with less simply by staying put now.


Gibbs’ decision (if accurate) reflects a culture ingrained at Arsenal, where mediocrity has been rewarded for far too long. Good luck to him, in a way, already looking at the financials post-playing career I guess.


To be fair to him I wouldn’t live in Birmingham either