Kieran Gibbs


We’re just fans though. Surely we can cut some slack for our own youth team graduates. Last few years he’s been handy. Came off the bench to help secure results by defending the left flank in front of Monreal numerous times. No fuss just did his job. Done well in second string cup and Champions League games and has a NLD goal to his name. Gotta give him some credit for taking up that role in a professional manner instead of doing a Debuchy. There are clearly teams interested in Gibbs but it appears we’re just looking for the right deal. He’s almost certainly leaving.


Don’t worry, i can see the likes of Newcastle or Bournemouth coming in for him.


I see what Hassassin is saying, but the guy’s basically lost the battle with Monreal, a battle which was close for several seasons. Kolasinac coming in and the inclusion of Bramall is something of a hint you might say.

Gibbs has to go this summer for his own career to remain on track, otherwise he’s open to criticism for me. With Walcott etc, at least you can argue he’s closer to the team than Gibbs is.


If we can’t get more than £15m for him and he’s happy to stay as a squad player I’d Be fine with that

It’s not like it’s a carl jenkinson situation where he is litrelly not good enough for his level, he’s a gooner from birth and never really let us down

I mean come on


our failing manager makes like 8 million a year. Sentimentality is long dead in football.


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He’s not exactly wrong though is he.


About Kieron Gibbs? Is that not what this thread is for? How does wengers contract have anything to do with this thread?


‘Failing manager’, are you Donald Trump?


Gibbs is listed in the squad for tonights game vs Boreham Wood but is not at the game, it’s possible he’s close to a move.




When idiots like Walker go for 50 million, then 16 is a huge bargain…so yeah, and more please…


£16m seems a bit much lol even with inflation, guess we really aren’t a selling club anymore


It’s more than a fair price. These PL clubs are rich as shit and they are trying to cheat us.


He’s had fitness questions and is probably third choice for his position so I don’t think we’re in much of a position to play hardball here. It’s been so long since he’s been a first team regular that you’d maybe question if he still had it in him.

Clubs towards the bottom still aren’t that rich. £10m maybe is fair, but you can’t expect teams down there to be spending £15m+ on fullbacks.

The market for good players is inflated because teams want the best or the most potential. Nobody will be going above and beyond to sign Kieran Gibbs.


Good price if they asked 50 mil for Walker.


Should absolutely sell at that price. Assuming that is the sticking point and not Gibb’s playing or monetary ambitions.

It is nothing short of ridiculous that we STILL have only sold Peter Szczesny, who was the easiest one to sell anyway.


16 or there abouts is fair I think. He has a wealth of experience that, regardless of his position in our squad right now, he’s worth the fee. He’ll walk straight into Watford’s team the tight fucks.


He’s not worth that, c’mon. 8-12 max. Why would a lower half club spunk something like 50% of their budget on Gibbs? There’d be cheaper options out there and they’d prefer to spend the most on strikers and midfielders.


The thing about this though is does Gibbs even want to go? Do the likes of him and Jenkinson have any ambition? I think I read that Gibbs is on £60,000 a week and Jenkinson £45,000. Are they likely to get that anywhere else?

They might both be happy to continue taking that money and carry on being involved with the reserves at the club they grew up loving. Cushy job if you can get it.