Kieran Gibbs


Yeah I’m really hoping that this rumour is true and the deal eventuates.


Someone wants to pay £15m for Kieran Gibbs? Seriously?! What are we waiting for, get the deal done before Newcastle realise we’ve committed daylight robbery!


I think £15m is a fair valuation…for the 2017 version of football. Guy’s played for one of the top English clubs and his country after all


Yeah it seems on the high side, but that is partially b/c we are used to selling our players below market. I would have said Gibbs could fetch 10 million, maybe not 15, but it isn’t insane. I think if we get rid of 5-6 and find 60 or so million, that helps us get one more WC player, and that is exactly what we should do this summer, especially when you consider our situation at CB, CM, and GK.


How does he not go, Monreal isn’t going anywhere and Kolasinac is on his way so he won’t even make match day squads if he opts to stay around like a bad spell.


He is a decent player.
He’s an England international and has played at the top level for several seasons.
If it weren’t for his injuries he could have established himself as a first team regular.
I think 15m is about right for a very good player like him.


I think you had it right the first time :slight_smile:


He might be waiting for more attractive offers if this is even genuine ofcourse. Might want to stay in London too. Do West Ham need a left back? Man City could probably pay 100k a week for a back up homegrown left back.



Wow! So greedy!


It’s what he’s on now I believe so I don’t see how it’s greedy.


I think that’s fair.

£8m and getting that 70k off our salary isn’t bad.

He’s been a great and professional servant to the club, I have nothing but admiration for him but it’s definitely the right move.

Could see him doing well somewhere like WBA or Stoke.



Good chance they’ll come back with 12/13 which we should take.


Offer 15 mil and it is yours :wink:



No one wants these bums.


This is wengers fault putting fucking wasters and rubbish on such fucking high contracts, cant move the bastards on!


Gibbs has been a good professional for us and seemingly tried to make it here at Arsenal instead of dropping down a level. Came up as a youngster and he’s been a useful squad member ever since. Yet on his thread he’s being seen by some as unambitious, happy to take his wages and just a bum. If he’s not cutting it any more then that’s fair enough but there’s no need for disrespect. Not many youth players make the grade for as long as he has. There are other players that deserve far more criticism. Gibbs has never stopped trying hard. You can’t have 20 odd world beaters in your squad unless you’re Barca/Madrid/Bayern. You guys are ruthless.


Someone has to be because our manager sure as hell isn’t.