Kieran Gibbs


Nope, he’s shit. Only reason he’s lasted so long is because he’s English.

Doesn’t have a future here, when we get Kolašinac in he’s toast.


I like this lad . Far better than Monreal .
Far quicker with more attacking options.
I’d certainly start with him next season .


I think Gibbs is pretty much a complete non-entity in an attacking sense.

Fine with him being a squad option but no way should get ever be considered a starter again, that would be a backwards step after Monreal displaced him a couple years ago.

One of them needs replacing with a valid first choice option. You could say both need replacing but two left backs in one summer might be a bit of a stretch.


if Gibbs is still here next season then his lack of career ambition can no longer be questioned by anyone

In fact this applies to several among our squad who have been at Arsenal 2-4 seasons longer than they should’ve


Just what I wanted to hear lol


But he’s terrible anyways right? So he won’t be a big miss.


At this rate, we’re going to have to ask fans in the stands to see if they can cover in defence :facepalm:


And who holds the banner if that happens @Mysty.


I have a “Persona out” banner sitting at home. I can hold it up.


I assumed the plan was to move Monreal to CB but this injury now means that is off the cards. So imo it would be a fairly big miss.


I was being sarcastic. Mustafi will play I’m 100% sure of it. We can still have Nacho play as the third CB and slot in Iwobi as our LWB?

Edit: That’s probably not a great idea…Per is going to start isn’t he?


Y’all be forgetting the supreme option that is Francis of Coquelin going to right full back, Bellerin over to the left.

That’s if we don’t have Koscielny, Mustafi, Gabriel, Chamberlain and Gibbs. Surely one of them will be practically shoved through the pain barrier to play though. Cohen Bramall could debut?

We’re going to get annihilated :laughing: I can’t laugh, it’s the Fa Cup final and these are things we win, not lose :frowning:


I’ll do it :raising_hand:

We also have this guy… :gunnersaurus:


Can Iwobi play as wingback? It’s the only realistic option atm.


Iwobi is a complete non-entity defensively, so I don’t think that would work.

Maybe Elneny can step in there with his workrate.


No point squeezing players into this formation. Changing formation gave us some confidence and stability but I don’t think at this point after 5 wins we can say it’s entirely the formation keeping it up.

Go back to a back 4. We’ve played defensive football with a 4 before and it’s not like the players are unfamiliar with it.


Monreal and Holding as the pairing? Or Holding and Mertesacker?



Bellerin The Ox


A local Newcastle paper saying they’re willing to match our asking price, which is apparently 15m. Good business if true.


Let’s just hope Gibbo wants to move up north. 15m would be great business.