Kieran Gibbs


He’s about as good of a backup LB as you can get in the league. If he starts to put in some performances maybe he can be our starting LB one day but for now he’s a perfect squad player imo.


Best game I can remember from Gibbs in a long while but let’s be fair, most of it was spent in the Sunderland half where he is at his best.


Stupid defending for Ludo’s second goal.


The way he got put on his arse was frankly embarrassing.


Him turning sideways was just inviting the opponent to go that way.


No love for Kieran? Guy played brilliant tonight, assisted in all of Perez’s goals :smiley: It’s nice we can call upon him whenever we give Monreal a break.


Nothing but love for this guy. We are lucky to have such a one club man willing to play second fiddle, and he’s only got better and better.


Probably the best cover for LB in the PL.
If it weren’t for his injuries, he could have been a first team regular.
There aren’t many better going forward than him in that position.


At some point last season he really regressed and was poor whenever he played. Good to see he has recovered this season as he’s been very good.

Was that three assists on Wednesday?


Two, I think. The third was perfectly deflected by Alexis into Lucas’ path. Doubt it would of reached Lucas had Alexis not touched it.


He has been great since called upon and it’s an odd one too. Arsenal over the past year and a half have been pursuing, via the run of the rumour mill, young LB talents. I wonder if there was a personal intention to leave from Gibbs’ perspective and Arsenal were trying to find cover if the inevitable did happen. Monreal is only getting older.

Aside from all of that, it’s a toss up over who starts at LB right now, more evidence that the squad is being put to good use!


Monreal’s replacement will be Ricardo Rodriguez from Volfsborg hopefully, but in the meantime Kieran James Ricardo Gibbs is doing some sterling work


What about Rodríguez? I thought we would have got him this summer.


His attacking movement has been first class this season and lately his delivery has consistently been threatening too. He steps in and proves himself professional and reliable whenever he’s called upon. You can’t ask for much more than that and I think he’s made the right decision to stay. It’s unfair to label him as unambitious when he’s still here giving it his all. I would love it if he was directly involved in a massive goal for us. He should have been in the 2014 cup final when he missed that sitter on 2-2. Such an “understandably” underappreciated player lol.



Thought he was good yesterday.


Absolutely not. He is even better than Nacho this season.


Nacho is so lucky, if not for the injury it should be Gibbs starting next game.


Any prognosis on the extent of the injury?


Am I the only one who thinks Gibbo is the least dangerous player ever? don’t get me wrong, I like him and I wish him the best, but after 200 years at the club he still looks too… I don’t know, I would like to see him at least trying to beat his man once.

Does he have a future in this new system?