Kieran Gibbs


Full name: Kieran James Ricardo Gibbs

Date of birth 26 September 1989
Place of birth Lambeth, England
Height 1.78 m
Playing position Left-back


I do wonder if this thread is going to last long in the players section on our new site.


I’m silently hoping that he’ll do what is best for his own career and look for a club that will offer him more playing time, but by the looks of it it won’t happen.


Very good game vs Lens. He looked one of players much ready to play.


Have a feeling he will regain the fullback slot this season. Monreal is getting on and well overdue a lengthy Arsenal injury.


Same can be said for Gibbs with regards to the injury probably even more so.

I don’t think he’s good enough tbh.


Fit il take him as a squad player .another one ive had high hopes for for a long long time that hasnt quite done it




my boy Gibbs will get his place back from Monreal, I still don’t like the guy


ffs. embarrassing


What was the news? Monreal out for an extended period?


Monreal is out?? Ffs


no. Luke just being weird and hating our LB for no reason!


I can hate on whatever of our players I want, just like you do


Not hate. Also I dislike the awful players like Chamberlain and Walcott. You dislike one of the best LB’s in the PL. :neutral_face:


I’m just a Gibbs fan and still annoyed he took his spot a couple of years ago


We should get some full backs from Charlton :ozil2:


Will take over from Monreal by second half of season.
Everyone gave up too soon and too easily on him.
It’s not like Gibbs was crap or anything. Monreal was really good for last 2seasons hence he was benched.

Even Monreal once said defenders need run if games to get into flow.


Gibbs did well today - two great crosses, although to be fair the defending was atrocious by S’land. Good to see him get a chance and perform well, even if against poor opposition. Always good to have options.


It not that he can’t play like he did today once in a while but he’s simply lacked the consistency to make that spot his own due a variety of factors including injury.

He had a very good game today but I’m not going to anoint him as the one to succeed Montreal just yet because of a couple matches against poor teams.