Kieran Gibbs


Pure comedy this clubs transfer dealings…


Is no one going to dispute this? I reckon this is exactly what happened.


Well if a radio station known as talk shite said it, it must obviously be true.


Yeah it’s true, and we are also going to give Sanchez to City plus some cash for Sterling. The rule is anything negative in regards to Arsenal is ALWAYS TRUE, any report that paints Arsenal in a positive light is bullshit lies from bad sources. The club has a crisis right now but it’s really a self fulfilling prophecy thanks to the fanatics.


Which part of it do you disagree with then?



Good luck at WBA Gibbo!


You say “the club has a crisis which is self fulfilling because of the fanatics.”

You must have gone to the same, Nothing’s Ever Wenger’s Fault, It’s Always Someone Else’s Fault, school, as he did.

How is this mess anyone’s fault but his?

Even the most ardent Wenger fanatic must know the supporters are in no way responsible for this situation.

If anything it’s the AKB’s that have made it possible for him to get a new contract and drag us down even further.


Good luck to Kieran Gibbs at West Brom, pretty good move for him you’d have to say and I’m surprised he didn’t look to get out a year or so earlier.

We could yet finish below West Brom this season y’know


Still remember him vs. WBA in 2012 :giroud2:


Thank you Gibbo!!! :smile: Best of luck at WBA.


Good for him, I’m happy he’ll get to start now. He’ll look good in a Pulis set up!

Ive never wanted an ex arsenal player to do as well as Gibbo. Model professional who never complained or had any drama. Hope he does well.


He’s far too good to waste his career being a 3rd choice LB at Arsenal. I’ve always been a fan of Givbs and felt like without the injuries he might have actually been a solid player for us.

Best of luck to him though. He’ll thrive in the WBA system I hope and who knows maybe he might force himself back into the England setup.


Thanks for the last minute tackle in 11/12 vs WBA, thanks for the Goaline clearance in the cup final vs Hull & thanks for the NLD equaliser at the Emirates in 15/16. Best of luck Gibbo


I didn’t even realise he was 27.


Good luck! Not the best left back we’ve had, but certainly not the worst and he had his moments. WBA will suite him like a glove I think.


230 appearances and rather strangely he only spent one short period on loan. A good, decent pro. West Brom have gotten a bargain.

All the best Gibbo.


The guy did good, he lived out his dream and played for his childhood club for 13 years, not many people can say that. Best of luck to him – no doubt he’ll get a good reception when he returns to the Emirates.


Sorry to see him go. Not the greatest but had Arsenal in his blood, not many of them left in the squad.


6 years too late. He never had it.


He’ll get a good reception basically because he’s a cast off and we’re happy to get rid of him :wink: But the point still stands, good decision for all 3 parties involved