Julian Draxler


Just the most recent in a long line of Freys, Trabelsis and Kalous


He’s just Fjulian around, right?


So when are we signing this guy? If he goes to PSG he can fuck off. Much better players available, just be patient with Wenger.


He is already confirmed for Paris. Could you name some of the much better, available players, please?


Calm down. He is a good talent, maybe not WC, but surely better than most of our so-called “great talent”.


What a golazo.


Look’s like we missed a trick with him eh.


i didnt see anything that special to that goal


Sorted. :wilshere:


I think we all knew he was going to be a revelation when Trion wouldn’t shut up about how average he was.


I admit i have always considered him a bit overrated, but he has been great since he joined P.S.G.


We don’t need anyone like this guy. Welbz is coming back.


It’s not a bad thing to be overrated when the baseline is pretty fucking good.





Draxler & SeoKol bromance can blossom here and it will be beautiful. :giroud3:



oh god yes


He’s not tweeted it. He’s said it on a Facebook live chat on the BBC sport Facebook page. ^^

Talks about his status with the arsenal fans aswell. Says he takes it as a good laugh


He’s merely stating an opinion tbf, something others have done too already.


Still don’t believe he’ll come here


We got him!