Julian Draxler

Full name
Julian Draxler

Date of birth
20 September 1993 (age 22)

Place of birth
Gladbeck, Germany

1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)

Playing position

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Would be a great signing!

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Arsène looks to make decisions like 2013 transfer window when we were interested to sign Wayne Rooney, were set to activate the release clause of Luis Suarez (secreted by Liverpool board to not sell the player) but at the end of the month signed not a striker, but an advanced playmaker.

Ozil is Ozil, it’s one of the best players in the World and sign a player with his class will not be never a mistake, but can Arsenal repeat this strategy, remaining until January (or next May) with only one number nine trying to convert a shadow striker (like Julian Draxler or Alexis Sanchez) to a proper forward like in the past with Robin van Persie? Could be a tremendous mistake.

Every team who won the title during last ten years around the Europe had reserves to change the game, to have tactic alternatives and competition to start into the XI. Last year in Premier League Leonardo Ulloa has been a key player for Leicester like Chicharito Hernandez for Manchester United or Mario Gomez and Mario Mandzukic for Bayern Munich.

I should be happy if Arsenal will refuse to break the bank for not two champions like Alvaro Morata and Lacazette buying a type of player like Draxler, but will be still need to add a proper striker, low cost or not.


Would be a great, great signing. Him and :ozil: to rip all the defences apart in the league.

Does he wants to sign a type of player like Julian Draxler? Ok, I accept it, but with Draxler we need a reserve/alternative for Giroud.

Robin van Persie (or Falcao) could be perfect solution.

well said mate.

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Van Persie? Do you really want him back? First of all, he’s way past it. Second, he acted like a sneaky cunt when he left us.
Edit: there is some truth in your post though.

Mentioning van Persie and Falcao I mentioned the name of two low cost strikers who should improve our attack after the sign of a wonderkid/class young player like Julian Draxler.

Doesn’t matter the past, Robin van Persie could be the perfect solution. His age isn’t a problem because if Zlatan will be starter with United, I don’t understand why our past captain not could be a first reserve having six years less than the sweden.

This is only a suggestion because we know what is our future in this transfer window. If Arsène will buy an offensive player (but he can choose to not buy anybody with the excuse of Iwobi and the new opportunities for Chamberlain and Walcott), will not sign a second striker.

Imagine you a 4-2-3-1 with Xhaka and Ramsey on midfield, Sanchez on the right, Draxler on the left and Giroud on attack with Ozil behind him. When the frenchman will sleep for 15 consecutive games like last season, instead of Campbell or Walcott, we will have an outstanding alternative…and I’m sure, if a player like van Persie will accept to challenge with Giroud for a shirt into the starting XI, after three o four games he will beat him to be the number 9. I know, it’s impossible because the armony into the group would unbalance because the return of a former captain, with number ten, with the record of goals scored in the recent years and an open letter before to join the rival, isn’t simple. It’s hard to admit it, but we need Robin (or a player like him) because I don’t see strikers better than him on the market. If you don’t want to buy him, you’re costricted to break the bank and pay normal players like Lacazette and Morata.

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Fair enough. At this point i wouldn’t mind someone like Remy as Giroud’s back up.

Yeah, Loic Remy, Jackson Martìnez, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Demba Ba, Mario Gomez…

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Mario Gomez :giroud:

@Persona would die :santi2:


RvP. No thank you. Disregarding the fact he has acted like a dick, im not sure he has it in him. Give him a 3 year deal and he’ll sure to spend 2 of them injured.

Gomez? Yes please! :lifter:

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Eder, comes on and scores for Portugal. Another example of a proper number 9 on the bench ready to change the game when is called on the pitch.

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Fuck off.


Whilst I don’t wholeheartedly agree with the van Persie thing, it is refreshing to see someone bring something to the table, than incessantly revert to ‘Wenger needs to go’ or something of the like.

I do, however, think that if Arsenal were to sign van Persie, people would lose their minds; would not be a good PR gig for the club, or for Wenger.


van Persie is an example, not necessary the first option. With his name I want to explain my idea of a low cost striker, with still a great quality who should accept the idea to start as reserve and not as starter.

Falcao, Demba Ba, Loic Remy, Jackson Martinez, Mario Gomez. If Arsene trusts in Draxler, we will still need a sign of a striker supposedly not with an huge price because it’s impossible to see Wenger to buy 50M+ for Draxler and 45M+ plus Lacazette or 65M+ for Morata.

…and sincerly, if van Persie is the best of this group of strikers, I prefer the better, because for my squad I want the best.

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Remember being linked with Draxler a few season back. I’m not so sure he would be the world class striker that we need

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Are there any serious reports linking us with Draxler?

German media quoting The Sun, so no. Arsenal should have bought him last summer if at all.

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I will judge Wenger in 2026 if he gets Draxler in this summer.