Julian Draxler


Fuck that guy we got this guy :point_down:


@Castiel Gotze is a fat fuck, I wouldn’t want him even now.

I also didn’t want Draxler, moving clubs far too often for my liking, dont think we would see the best sode of him when it eventually goes tits up for us every season around Feb/March.


I would have liked to see us take the punt on Draxler as even though he is inconsistent he has big potential and its not like Wenger is going to sign a world class wide player is he ? We are just going to persist with the same average options we currently have.




It looks fake to me, tbf. Good talent, but i have never been really impressed by him.



The curse that is Oxlade Chamberlain doesn’t end.


No Worries Abou, when the Ox has a decade at the club like Theo i am sure he will realise his potential and we will be looking at a world class…well errmm at least a top…actually more like a good…actually more of a mediocre…well actually we will be looking at a player that has been at our club for a decade…probably wondering why just like Theo!


Never thought this one had even a remote chance of happening anyway, so can’t say i’m too disappointed. Could actually be argued to be a good sale for Wolfsburg really.


he has a really bad attitude, sulks and quits if he doesnt get what he wants definitely talented though but might be a bit of a risk he seems a bit of a journeyman.


He’s another potentially good winger who was once more promising than his latest efforts have shown. I liked his style though, hope he can revitalise his game at PSG, he could maybe be great for them if whatever has failed him the past years is sorted out.

If we go for wingers we should imo look for a (natural?) left winger rather, but maybe Draxler could do that as well, I don’t know really. I mean clearly I wouldn’t say no to any talent but knowing we have limited funds I’d place my eggs in another basket I think.


Surely we are after a better target than Draxler, so all is well…



Did P.S.G. really need him? What they lack is a CF, albeit Cavani has scored well this season.


Good squad gets stronger. Good on them.

Isn’t he in for some stern competition with Di Maria, Lucas Moura, Ben Arfa and possibly Matuidi to occupy one of their two wide berths? Haven’t kept up to date with their injury situation.

Can anyone see them upsetting Barca?


Low chance of them upsetting barca tbh. If Messi turns up thats that.


We would have bought him when he left Schalke if we were interested in him anymore as there was no way Wolfsburg would have beaten us to his signature. It’s a shame, but o well. we’ll just have to live with the idea that Ox is the future.


Nightmare more like


If these two are “stern competition” for him, he should probably hang up his boots.:grinning:


Based on what I have seen from PSG this season they have next to no chance of upsetting Barca.


Not fussed about him going to PSG. Maybe AW has bigger fish to fry, the cagey old bastard.