Julian Draxler


Whoa there easy buddy




Hahaha that emoji. How do you do that?

P.S. that Cenk guy is the fucking worst.


What do you call a right winger at Arsenal? A left winger.


If Wenger could put Theo as LW, there is no such left wing or right wing.

p.s. even Podolski plays RW many times at Galatasaray these days.


I hope that he goes to China.


He is young enough to play for us for two years for his development and then fuck off to Bayern or Barcelona or City.


But yeah. This is just agent talk.


‘The Sun’.



Couple advantages for choosing Arsenal over PSG ( If we are indeed interested I don’t think Wenger is) He’d be a certain starter surely & Playing in the Premier League is a little better than playing in France.


You touched on it saying he knows he’ll be a starter, and to expand on that you also know that you’ll be playing for a manager who has a very specific plan for you and will take your development seriously. Instead of dumping you for the next flavour of the month in a season’s time.


To expand on this footballers dgaf and PSG will tell them everything that we tell him plus pay him more. Then when PSG doesn’t meet those words the player says "oh well, that extra 50k-100k a week you gave me is good for wiping the tears from not starting every game.


Well that’s a vast generalisation, and your arguments are usually so nuanced!

Some footballers do chose guaranteed first team football and stability over other factors. Giroud chose us over Chelsea, Keita chose Leipzig over us and other big CL clubs to prove himself in the Bundesliga first. These are just two examples right off the top of my head, there are of course countless others.

Now I’m not saying that this is usually how it works, or that this is how it’ll work out with Draxler (as it happens I think he’d choose PSG over us), I was just elaborating on what Aussie was saying, that there are some things that might make us appealing over a club like PSG.


I think we’d have a case to compete with PSG as long as they’re not offering £200k a week.


Jese is rumoured to join Las Palmas. Draxler to PSG. Make sense.


Gnabry to Werder < Draxler to Arsenal. Cheers :ok_hand:



Wenger could potentially still manage him if he took the PSG offer.


The real question Draxler needs to ask himself is does he want to go out to Barca or Bayern.


Yeah cause if he wants one of those teams the obvious move is to Arsenal…zing!! :poop: