Julian Draxler


Remember that time you didn’t want Gotze because we had Oxlade?


Remember those times you wanted Fellaini, Schneiderlin, Sissoko, Austin, etc. etc.?

Don’t think it’s convenient for you to start this game pal. :slight_smile:


I still want Schneiderlin. More progressive than limited Coq, but to be fair Sissoko, Austin and Fellaini are too.


Well our season would be quite dead by now if it wasn’t for Ox


Our season is quite dead.


True but remember his cross for Giroud v United? That was a big moment for a shit player like you suggest


I cannot stress how big an impact that was. Great display.


That was such a pivotal moment of the season. If we were ten points behind Chelsea our title race would be over. Instead the gap is a measly nine points and we have an excellent chance to win the league.



Don’t give us false hope twitter. He’s never going to pick Arsenal over PSG. He’d be out of his mind.


He’s probably using us to get a better deal.

Aside from the money aspect though, if we were genuinely interested I don’t think PSG is that much of a better prospect.


Lol all those years of flirting now that we finally make an offer (supposedly) he’ll probably snub us. Should have signed him sooner, Wenger can be such a cockcunt.


Rodriguez has a great left foot but seems too slow to be a left back for a top club. Didn’t he start as a CAM? Maybe he could be coverted to a DM.



But I’m just resigned to the fact he’s off to PSG, it’s easier that way lol.


If he’s really £30m it’s pretty much a no brainer. We could sell him in 2-3 years for that.

Not cup tied for the CL and while we may not catch Chelsea (though it’s not exactly set in stone that they’ll continue this form) 2nd place in a competitive league is really not a terrible season.

It’s hard to find quality in January so this would be a nice boost.


ITK, tbf.


I personally will give Wenger a break if we sign Draxler…


Oi cunt. I never said it would win us the league, just that it was an impactfull subsitution :smile:

Delete all those likes immediately.


No more than a month right? :giroud:


one year extension is okay for me