Julian Draxler


That’s good.
It means Wenger must be focusing all his efforts on getting Reus :ozil2:


We have Welbeck coming back, Ox and Iwobi and Theo… we are sorted…



#BritishWool baby.


What a weird signing.


PSG not only after Draxler but also James Rodriguez…
Maybe they will have a clean house, but at least this will give them morale boost.


PSG are also apparently after Ricardo Rodriguez, also from Wolfsburg. Combined €50m for the pair.

So Draxler & 2 Rodriguez’s. That’s big business for January!


Well if he’s off to PSG he’d better make sure it’s the right move because they are loaded in positions that he’d be hoping to play in.

Three clubs in under four years, it’s time to show what he’s truly made of.

On paper it looks like yet another wrong choice.


…Is exactly the type of player Real should be looking at once they can shop again (and inevitably sell xaxaxames), a LB and a DM, yet I assume that the Benders and Ricardos are not sexy enough and they’ll spend £100m on something like Aubameyang and someone like Veratti which they don’t really need at all lol at least if Florentino still has dominion even with Zidane’s recent record on the pitch.


I remember watching him in Euro 2016 and he was absolute class, sign him up.


Off to PSG unfortunately


Fuck off! Rodríguez should replace Nacho in the summer.


Why Rodriguez? They already have Kurzawa.


remember who they are… they love to waste money.


according to spanish report, we’re following Gaya.


Who isn’t following Gaya though?


There are a lot of good LBs who should change squad next Summer: Gaya at Valencia, Bernat at Bayern, Wendell at Leverkusen, Mendy in France, Grimaldo in Portugal, Goulham in Italy.



Then again, this isn’t the most ringing endorsement, as lots of players will seem absolute class when you rate Oxlade Chamberlain. :wink:


I mean we clearly need wingers, but we need left wingers rather than right side ones so is Draxler the one we need? Is he supposed to play on the left for us? I’m going to assume they’re just using us to stir up a sweetened deal with PSG.


Looked good to me last season and the season before, but now?