Julian Draxler


So what your saying is…

Better than KDB?? :ox:


No see there’s a reading comprehension problem on your part here. I didn’t say Draxler had reached his ceiling and was bang average, I said he’s a project with big potentional who’s currently an average player. I implied that if you don’t think he’s a project he must be simply bang average.

I would actually like to sign Draxler but your posts about him are fanboy level.

EDIT also LMAO at you watching the BL you bullshitting cunt . You’ve blatantly only watched youtube clips and noted he’s good on your computer game otherwise you’d note his obvious failings


I don’t generally disagree with much of that other than:

The fact PL teams generally outperform BL teams, bar the top 2 teams, aside from the few instances you mentioned.

Hernandez/Kalou were 2 of the most prolific scorers last season. Kalou is past it to.

Kagawa was a star before leaving and yes Xhaka is being shown up a tad more here.

We can all agree Draxler isn’t a top performer in BL and wouldn’t initally be a top performer in the PL. He’s a project no 2 ways about it even if RonnieC thinks he’s world class because he starts for Germany.

I’m not saying the top players i nthe BL aren’t going to perform here. KDB and Mkkhi are class, Reus, Auba and Muller. Draxler might perform better in a better team, but he’d probably just be another Nasri type of player. Immense talent, a good player you’d happily have in your team but never fulfilling his potential and being a bit mentally weak into the mix.


How is a player average, bang average but you see “big potentials” in him?


He is saying if Draxler is not a project, then he must be a finished article.

If current Draxler is finished article & reached his full potential, then he is quite an average player.

But if current Draxler is a project, then he has big potential & can develop into a class finished article.

Try to read very carefully. Then read it twice. You need practice when it comes to reading & understanding what people want to say.


Who said a players must either be a “project” or a “finished article”.
Who has the authority to draw the line here?
Why can’t be something in the middle, or something different?

Now wonder you guys rate him so low here… to use the word “project” to describe him, while global football fans believe he is a big talent.

“Project”, is a word to describe a young player that you are not sure how much potentials he has, decent enough for people to invest time and money on. Chambers, Holding, Iwobi are projects. They are decent but not yet showing enough brilliance or talent.
“Starlet” is more an appropriate wording for a player that has big/bigger talent and potentials.


was going to post something similar. People love to have semantic and word-parsing wars, but I think the intent and spirit of the whole argument was quite clear.

Draxler would be a risk for all the reasons discussed, but he is an immense young player playing for the German national team with the kinds of physical qualities and skills to be quite excited about… AND he plays in a position/role we kind of need. I don’t think he is either project nor finished article either, even if you just consider his age, regardless of other factors.


My emphasis was not on semantics but your inability to read properly.

That shit has annoyed me in other places as well.


I have already answered arsenescoatmaker (and you) properly.
Draxler is not a project, nor finished article.

I read careless sometimes, but this one I am fine.


Maybe he wants to leave Wolfsburg very much, responded by getting an assist today


Took the corner which was headed in from Bruma. Thought he wasn’t gonna play for Wolfsburg anymore?


Ozil got some assists from corners also???
I believe it does require some skills to take the corner and not just kick the ball out and hope for an assist… Theo is a good example


Stop being so defensive, I was merely describing the goal. Not belittling his contribution in anyway whatsoever.



Sorry… I was picked out for a number of times these days… really frustrated… (also because of the overtime on Saturday…)


According to Bein France, Herr Draxler has told Kevin Trapp that he wants to join PSG.


Represents a safe bet moving to PSG. Money, guaranteed domestic domination and a gateway to Europe.

It reflects his ambition of moving to a super club so I guess this is super likely. At least until something goes wrong and he gets shipped off to Everton.

A shame because I do want him.


He really wants to do everything possible to hamstring his progress.


Not this season lol


I dunno; they are having a blip. But I don’t see anything other than another PSG win. They will no doubt invest in January.


Breaking | PSG have reached a provisional contract agreement with Julian Draxler, according to @CulturePSG.

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 20 december 2016