Julian Draxler


Draxler is definitely not a finished article and as per you guys he is not a project, so what is he?


KDB has 2 goals in 14 games in the league
Ox has 2 goals in 12 games in the league

KDB has 1 goal in 5 in Europe
Ox has 1 goal in 5 in Europe

KDB has 0 goals in 1 in League Cup
Ox has 3 goals in 3 in League Cup

KDB has 3 goals in 20 games all comps
Ox has 6 goals in 20 games all comps

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Do people still use the “crazy market” and “we don’t have money” lines in these rumor threads?


Who you mean like Podolski? Chamberlain is good enough to start for England. Draxler’s end product is about as good as Chamberlain. He’s either a project or bang average, make your choice, but he’s bang average at the moment to be kind to him.

You’re wanting a player producing the same numbers as Chamberlain, except for the fact it’s worse at the moment.


What did you name your kid?


Sure some people will think Ox is a better player than KDB by looking at those numbers…


KDB has 9 assists, Chamberlain has about 6. Draxler has 0 goals and 0 asssts but has done a bit better in other seasons.


Cazorla, Mkhitaryan and KDB have put up elite numbers, even Giroud has. Draxler hasn’t performed well in any capacity. Mustafi/Monreal were 2 of the best defenders not at a El Classico club.


Get your facts right before you fire back.

Poldi was a bench player, a cheer leader on the team in his last couple of seasons with German NT
Draxler IS the starter.

Chamberlain a starter for England? Stay f__king healthy first.

You look at the numbers, I look at how they play. You can hype up Ox’s numbers and sure football fans outside England (or simply just non-Arsenal fans) will pick the opposite.


He’s a very talented player who’s a project. His dribbling and technique are elite, his decision making is poor.

I don’t see why people are crying about him being called a project, because if he isn’t and he’s already at his ceiling, he’s average.


Umm Facts, how about you check yours first Podolski was a started for years, has 130+ caps and 49 goals for the national team. Draxler has 3 goals for the national team.

And no you don’t ‘look at how they play’, you’re a youtube warrior who clearly hasn’t been watching Draxler actually play 90 minutes of games because he’s been massively inconsistent,full of brainless moments, running into blind alleys and side ways passing.

And no I’m not hyping up Chamberlain, I’m showing you how comparartively shit Draxler has been.

I’m guessing he’s good on football manager though.


You want to talk about Poldi with me?
He should be retired from NT after 2012. He was taking a place on the NT by merit/Low’s promise.
I don’t even know why you compare Draxler with Poldi.
Right now Draxler is the starter of the NT.

When you said Draxler had reached his ceiling and bang average, sorry, I can’t treat you serious at all.

p.s. I watch the German NT and Bundesliga games more than you watch Arsenal. Probably you are Chris or Ty on ArsenalFanTv.


Draxler is not a starter based on merit is he?
He is a starter because Germany doesn’t have much option.
Gotze and Schrulle have not set it alight, so Germany is taking their chance with Draxler.


Germany’s talent pool is ridiculous, they could have a 100 different options to choose from for that spot.


Is that so? Wolfsburg won their group last season (United was in that grp and came third) and progressed to the semis, were they lost by one goal over two matches against Real. Gladbach had the hardest group in the competition last year, with City, Juventus and Sevilla, still got 5 points with two draws against Juve and a win over Sevilla. This year, again the hardest group with Barca and City, again 5 points. Hardly “battered”.
Leverkusen have also progressed from the group, incidentally over Tottenham.

Kagawa “fails” at Dortmund, too. Holtby plays for a side that fights relagation. Schürrle was - dare I say - performing better for Chelsea than for Wolfsburg and Dortmund.

It’s been said before but: Jesus Christ.

Chicharito has scored 5 goals, which places him at 8-13 overall, while Kalou has scored 4, which makes him 14-23. Interesting definition of “top scorer”. By the way, in his best season for Berlin, Kalou has scored 14 league goals in 2535 minutes, that is one goal every 181 minutes. In his best season for Chelsea, he score 10 goals in 1565 minutes, a goal every 156 minutes.

True. As I said, it would be a gamble, but one that could very well pay off. Draxler has the ability to “make something happen”, pass one or more defenders with dribbling and speed and produce a good ball afterwards. This is the most expensive quality in the game and we should be sure, he will be used as a starter (or nearly), if we pay 30 to 40 million on him. With Wenger’s recent comments regarding Ox, I’m not so sure about that.


If I could be bothered I’d insert a clapping gif.


Who is direct competition to Draxler?
Gotze? Schrulle? Meyer? Gnabry?
They are average to inexperienced options.

Not denying the pool but it is not the same as saying Draxler has a serious uphill task to get into NT.


Oezil, Goetze, Schuerrle, Reus, Meyer, Brandt?, Mueller?, Sane, Gnabry. Honestly, they probably aren’t forced to play Draxler for want of other options because of the sheer amount of talent they’re producing.

Centre forward on the other hand for a country of Germany’s talent to have such little option to choose from is a joke.


Oezil, - bonafide AM.
Goetze, - average
Schuerrle, - average
Reus, - Injured, if not. would slot ahead of Draxler.
Meyer, - average
Brandt?, - Only since late last season has he been putting a claim for starting position at Leverkusen.
Mueller - occupies right wing
Sane - too young & unproven to become a starter
Gnabry - just started.

As i said, the options are either average or too young to compete with Draxler.


Absolutely, some of the options there are better than others. All I’m saying is, they have options that could easily see Draxler out of the team if Jogi Loew saw fit. Case in point…Draxler didn’t feature at all for the NT in 2015.