Julian Draxler


Let’s buy Balotelli.


He is matured and doing good in France now, so?
If you can’t tame a wild horse, you don’t deserve him. I sure rate the current Balotelli higher than Lucas Perez.


No way. Balotelli is a liability.


All this talk about his attitude is overblown anyway.

He was told by Wolfsburg he could move in the summer and they reneged on their gentleman’s agreement by telling him he’d have to stay at least another season.

He didn’t take it too well and now it’s all gone to shit and the fans are on his back as well as the club.


Seems like he is a classic reclamation project for the old Wenger… today’s? Not so sure; but bigger challenge is that we have Ox, Theo, and Iwobi on the wings now and I can see AW persisting with that and not spending big money on a 4th player for that role, even though I think we desperately need more talent and effectiveness in attack.


How is £30m on Mané not a good deal? He’s great.

Don’t know anything about Draxler, so I can’t say if 40m on him is a good idea. Is he really the best one out there at the moment or is this just a discussion because he might be available in January? Why not just go for Julian Brandt in the summer instead? He’d be perfect. Use Iwobi instead of crap like Chamberlain now.


Why would they spend a fortune on him then proceed to have an agreement to relieve him after just one season?

That’s just bs.


We need a replacement for Santi Cazorla and to reflect about the status of many players, not Draxler.


@A.F Definitely because he’s available in January. There’s no way I’d complain if we signed Draxler because he’d be a significant improvement on the shit that is Oxlade but there’s probably 4 or 5 players I’d hope we’d look at first that haven’t had the public disputes & recent injury record of Draxler.

If we do business in January it should be a midfielder otherwise wait until the summer.


That’s classic issue we persist with players who at at most adequate and neglect those that can upgrade us and we don’t just persist for a couple of seasons we effectively allow them to spend almost the majority of their careers here.

The flanks can definitely be upgraded and therefore should be, it really is as simple as that.

I do wonder if Wenger knew Draxler was available would he have brought in Perez.


Totally agree and it becomes an even more acute need with Sanchez settling in up top.


Come on now, would you agree to a 5 year deal if the basis of the all important release clause was a gentleman’s agreement?

When you’re dealing with €35M asset, verbal agreements just don’t factor in at all. At that level of bussiness if it isn’t written down and agreed it’s tantamount to hearsay. Either he’s been poorly advised or he’s stupid, why sign a 5 year deal without a proper RC?

I don’t know much about his potential or ability but his attitude/professionalism stinks. He pulled similar public sulking to the media at Schalke too.

He’s done nothing in football yet, he has a questionable injury record and a spotty goal/assist contribution yet he’s out here talking like prime Ronaldo coming off a 40 goal season. He strikes me as a guy who believes too much in his own hype tbh.


He has a proper release clause, but it’s incredibly high (75m) and only becomes active summer 2017. I think the main issue with Draxler in the summer is no one wanted him as bad as he wanted to move, otherwise Wolfsburg would have probably sold.


Not happening unless we already know one of Ozil or Alexis is off in the summer.

We buy based on need and currently we’re stack for CAM/Wingers: Alexis, Ozil, Iwobi, Welbeck, Perez, Chamberlain, Walcott, Ramsey, 7 players for 3 positions behind the striker, now 3 of those players also play as the striker, so substract 1 and y ou still have 6 players for 3 positions.

I think he’s off to PSG.

As for those talking about ‘instant upgrade’, he isn’t, he’s a project, in the last 3 1/2 seasons he’s started 83 times and had other sub appearances and only managed 16 goals and 16 assists. And that’s on a poor league. The season before that he had better numbers that he’s never replicated. There’s talent there but it’s a gamble.


Jesus christ.


A player that is good enough to start for Germany, and we call him a “project”… yeah~~~
I don’t know Germany is that bad.


If Draxler’s a project then Oxlade is a fucking favela.




A poorer league would be a better description and it clearly is. Outside of Dortmund and Bayern all their teams get battered in the CL. Kagawa, Schurle, Holtby all came here and fail while Xhaka is struggling to adjust to the pace. Meanwhile Hernandez and Kalou are 2 of their top scorers in the league.

Their best players like Mkhitaryan and KDB have done well but Draxler isn’t producing their numbers, he’s producing Chamberlain type numbers.


The overall quality of the league(s) has nothing to do with the quality of the player(s).

We all know the La Liga and Bundesliga are dominated by 3, 4 teams only, so does it mean players from other teams, from inferior teams are no good?

Monreal - Malaga
Mustafi - Valencia
Cazorla - Malaga (may be a special case??)
Giroud - Montpellier
There players are core players to us, and they were from inferior leagues, inferior teams…

Mkhitaryan and KDB mentioned are good
Schurrle was good in his first season, had problems with Maureen and got benched
You can say Kagawa and Holtby were not so good
Xhaka, has played less than half a season for us…

I don’t see how you can draw a clear line here and make a conclusion.