Julian Draxler


PSG will probably be the dumbest choice for him. At least Juventus/Arsenal can provide stable environment and all that.



Why would a player like Reus be out of our reach?
How is that so ridiculous?


If we could land players such as Sanchez and Ozil no reason we couldn’t land Reus I agree.


Don’t think Reuse is unattainable, especially given his injury concerns.

Auto correct made it Reuse. I like it so keeping it that way.


Reus moved to his beloved BVB after their period of success and has won just the super cup on 2 occasions. I can’t see him wanting to leave without winning something substantial. If at all.



Dortmund are a selling club and have sold a lot of their top players in the last few seasons, and if Aubameyang goes, then they aren’t realistically going to be winning too many trophies.

I don’t know what he is earning at Dortmund but I would guess a PL club like us could easily pay him a lot more which could easily tempt him.


Yep, they are a selling club but have used that money to soak up some of the best young talent in Europe. Dembele, Mor, Weigl, Guerreiro. Aubameyang would be a big loss but he’s seen his teams best players leave for Bayern (including his good friend Mario) and stuck around.

He could’ve left Germany when he left Moenchengladbach and received more money than he’s on now. Maybe I’ve got the guy all wrong and he’d jump at the chance to join Bayern or Citeh etc. Who knows?

I’d love him here though.


40m euros on Draxler is a good deal when Liverpool spent £30m + on Mane and £25m on Wijnaldum. So I think all in all, it’s the correct market value for someone of his potential.


Shit fuck. Did it go from 30m euros to 40m now?

Mane is twice more consistent than Draxler.
Any lack of ability Mane has, he very well makes up by performing consistently.


Mane is good. Didn’t think much of the signing at the time, but he would have been a nice addition for us too.


When did Mane suddenly become consistent? The first or last five games of last season?


Facts have never stopped Trion from making an assertion.


Hahaha Mane known for his consistency. I know you don’t like Draxler Trion but you’re making yourself look silly.


Oh okay. Yeah just recalled he had poor last season with Southampton.
My bad.


But still much more consistent than one game in 20consistent Draxler.


Tbf Manè has been one of Liverpool’s best players. Was brilliant last night and very unlucky not to score.

Gonna be interesting how they cope when he goes to AFCON


Never forget to milk a few times I am wrong, my friend.

Hows that Alexis is not a CF fact working for you?


How could anyone say no to this.


Which one is easier? To correct a talented player’s work attitude or to teach a less/low talented work horse to play some good football??