Julian Draxler


Draxler and £40m for sanchez would be a good deal IMHO if they are open to something like that, would suck to lose Sanchez but we all know he is going anyway and Draxler isnt a terrible replacement.


It’s not ideal but it is probably our best option.

It is certainly a downgrade, but we are losing our best player at the end of the season anyway, so we might as well get a fairly decent player in this window and then look for a world class replacement for Sanchez and Cazorla next season.

What a mess.


Selling Alexis Sanchez is in no way a ‘best option’.


When we sit down at the table with PSG we should make it clear this has absolutely nothing to do with Alexis from the offset.

PSG will have the opportunity to get him next season anyway, hopefully off the back of a world class season in the EPL, which will only appease their spoilt fans more.


We should be all over this if it is true. Still seems rather odd that PSG would want to get rid of him, even when considering the Neymar deal.