Julian Brandt

Brandt is a good idea.

Draxler available on a free transfer. Add Wirtz of Leverkusen to transfer list. Try for Sabitzer too. This is the path to righteousness. :pray:


Deserves it’s own thread now as it looks like we’re really interested.


One of the youngsters that I am really happy to have him on our team.


I like him a lot. Maybe he will be able to play CM. We already have Smith Rowe at Cam

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Better CAM than ESR for sure.
I watched plenty of his game… no doubt

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I think he’d be a great signing. It has t quite worked out for him at BvB but he was great at Leverkusen, he’s in the right age bracket at 24, and he can play CAM, as one of the twin 8s in a three man midfield, and also as the more attacking guy in a two man midfield, which he has done a number of times for BvB.

Not a player that will be transformational but he’ll definitely improve us and could be an important player for five years. And he’d be a lot more affordable than a guy like Aouar.


Hope this happens

Miles better signing than Isco.


If it’s between Isco and Brandt then it’s a no brainer. Brandt is clearly a player with a higher upside than Isco at this stage in his career.

Hasn’t worked out for Dortmund which does concern me given their ability to extract every inch of talent from a player but I’m also willing to accept that a change of scenery may be beneficial to him.


Its also a bit of a concern it hasn’t worked out at Dortmund as that’s when ( and half of his last season at Leverkusen) he became a central midfielder. Unless I’m mistaken hes naturally a winger.

Don’t particularly like him as an option to move us forward but hes young-ish and versatile.

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I’d prefer fatty Isco tbh.


He’d be like an instant (and massive!) upgrade on Ceballos.


They are pretty different actually.
Like @SpankyJoyJoy said he is a winger but capable to play in the central.
Attacking mind player who can dribble and shoot from distance.
Speedy and versatile.


Yeah the promise of a couple of goals from midfield is the clincher for me.

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When people talk of Brandt as a CM, this is kind of how I imagine Saka or Reiss to turn out, because they offer the technical capabilities, people think that translates seamlessly into being an AM. It’s not always as easy as that and I think sometimes it’s better to keep them on the path and not stray into some wanky-hybrid-winger/mediocentro/forward.

I’ve not watched much of him but certainly remember the bits I did of him being lethal on the wing for Neverkusen.

Odd though. Is there not someone more clearcut in figure of what either Mikel or Edu dream up being the type of player they want? Why try a risky player transition when you’re knee deep in pulling this sorry bunch of heathens out from the depths? You want an AM, go for the pure profile, not someone that has the tools but needs the experience in being one.

I wouldn’t say no to Brandt mind. It does overload our already teeming squad of flankmen though.


What sort of price are we looking at ?

I would love this signing so much. He would instantly improve our creativity and control of matches. People saying he didn’t work out at Dortmund (half true) but he also had a great run last season in central midfield alongside Witzel (I think) in a 3-4-3. Can easily play left and #10. Versatile/plug and play type with an abundance of technical quality. Has been around for a long time but still only 24 years old. I’d be over the moon with him or Buendia.


Wirtz has extended his contract with Leverkusen not long ago.

Contract expires in 2023.

Spitballing here. Offer a Saliba type deal where Arsenal pay a high price now, and Leverkusen get to keep him for another year. They wouldn’t have to worry about letting Wirtz potentially leaving cheaply (to Bayern) in 2022.