Jude Bellingham

Surely Maddison plays in that forward attacking central role where we have Odegaard and ESR
How does he come in and strengthen a position for us?

Dont agree with Tielemans either
For me we need back up or another player in the Partey position/mould. Tielemans is to much of a forward player for me to be able to cover that position.

We don’t have anyone who plays that central role.

Why do we have to pigeon hole players like Maddison to one set role.
Has plenty of ability to be of use in the midfield. Too much of this nonsense these days.
Top coaches utilise talent like this. Too much nerd ball outlook and lack of vision.


The issue is he would play in those half spaces that Odegaard and Xhaka play in.

I think he would be a great addition, but would he ok sitting on the bench?

Ok, Well we have players in those attacking positions

My point was where does he come in and play?
Who are you taking out for him to get into the side?

I think he would rotate with Odegaard and Xhaka.

I don’t think ESR is reliable enough for a top four club, so Maddison would be a serious upgrade for him and although I agree that Tielemans wouldn’t be a straight replacement for Partey, he would be a useful CM and at the end of the season we can get him for free.

I think you were correct what you wrote before, would he be ok to come in and sit on the bench, knowing that hes in rotation?
For me, id rather spend that money in positions much more needed

I do think ESR is good enough and will be reliable enough for us. He needs to play and get fit again but he will get back to where he was.
I also dont think there is any point bringing in Tielemans as a useful CM because hes on a free, id rather have that wage spent on much more required positions in the squad.