Jonny Evans




Do you want players with qualities or players with huge valutation? Trust me, the first is more important than the second.


I didn’t take your comment to be just aimed at reddit users, which is a bit of a reading comprehension fail on my part.

I stand by the fanboy part though :sweat_smile:


I stand by my fuck you.

It’s not like this is going to happen anyway. you’ll see me deflated in a few days like a kid who’s dropped his ice cream. In all honesty I’m being a little tongue in cheek with my admiration of him but I do genuinely rate him and I think he could surprise a few people. This forum hasn’t actually been to snobbish about this deal but if you look elsewhere r/gunners/AM etc people really are acting elitist as fuck about it.


Yet they’re desperate for the latest mid table workhorse like Lukaku. I remember when everyone wanted to splash huge money on Fellaini. Or some latest youth talent who isn’t performing that well.

Football games have allot to answer for.


Desperate for lukaku? He doesn’t even have a thread on here.




Hahaha it’ll be my pleasure to train the young padawan


Why did Man U sell him and why does no other club want him?


'cause there are stupid clubs in England who prefer to sell a defender like him and play with McNair, Donald Love, Jackson and Mensah.

There are other stupid clubs in England who bought shit players like Papy Djilobodji, Hector, Mangala, Demichelis, Gabriel, Funes Mori instead of him.



Very rapey


He had a really bad last season for them with a mixture of injuries and almost comical defending.

Hard to say on the second question, but I’d imagine that most clubs are just full in that position.


We all have that rapey vibe over here, you’ll get used to it.


I think he just went off injured for WBA. This can only strengthen our negotiating position with Valencia for Mustafi.


Or make him more enticing to Arsene :slight_smile:



And why the fuck wouldn’t they. Easiest way for them to keep him (assuming our interest is in any way real).


When its obvious you are desperate to buy this late in the window, selling club can name their price.

Arsenal’s fault for not getting shit done sooner and quietly earlier. Now every man and his dog know we are desperate for players.

Playing hardball gets nowhere in current market. Prices just go up and teams wont sell late in the window.


Must be some low release clauses we can take advantage of in Germany or Spain.


Haha unless we do what Burgundy says above this window is going to end in disaster :joy: