Jonny Evans


They know nothing. All the kids sneering at him for Reddit karma is where you get your real information these days. Actually watching players is overrated when all you need to do is google their name.

Am I right @Mario101



Not rating Evans doesn’t automatically make you a kid or some sort of wanker lol.

Your fanboyism is getting a bit out of control mate on this one, might want to rein it in a bit :arteta:


Jonny Evans has a rapist’s face. There, I said it.


The resemblance is uncanny


Actually resembles Adam Johnson a bit…and he is a creep.


And John Terry.


He does have that ‘quiet kid who will soon shoot the entire school dead’ look.


Sick fuck…^^^


Everyone give Safe_Hands a warm welcome, he’s clearly new to the internet


I know it shouldn’t be, but that’s really funny.

Perhaps we can get an Emoji with that look.

I’ve often thought this bloke looked a bit of a dodgy character :gunnersaurus:





The West Brom ripper.

Behind that android grin lies pure evil, draped in a West Bromich Albion scarf.




I fee like if we sign Evans that we’ll be selling Manure Ozil or Sanchez soon a la Sylvestre/RVP and they’ll be having another title on us


can we pls move this to players section already to anti-jinx this transfer or rumor


Judging a player you’ve barely watched as some sort of elitist prick does though. I know being the embodiment of /rgunners I insulted your clan but don’t harsh my fucking buzz on potentially getting a national player in the Arsenal again.


That buzz it’s overrated, plus you get a lot of wankers using the kit without any reason.


Thats known as a reverse @Bl1nk and could backfire


If the deal to sign Mustafi will collapse, I will be super happy to have Jonny Evans.

Experience, versatility, competence, quality. What else?