Jonny Evans


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Arsene is reaching.



Reaching around…with Kroenke.


I don’t have a problem with these transfer he has plenty of experience in this league so he wont have to adapt and can fit straight in to play. Just a shame we have missed out on williams and stones


Arsenal have been told that not even a bid of £16 million will be enough to prise Jonny Evans away from West Bromwich Albion, the Sun reports (Thursday edition, page 53).

This transfer seems unlikely.


Do not bump this thread, especially after we lost a game.
Even if there is a bid accepted.


God forbid we have an experienced defender in our ranks. Much better to cripple Holding and Chambers confidence for life.

Sunday showed how petulant all the arrogant Arsenal fans were being when they turned their nose up at this deal or to a lesser extent the likes of Williams. Either of them would instantly be our 2nd best defender.


I think Wenger will have no choice but to recall Koscielny.


No doubt but even Chamber/Holding - Koz could be a disaster. Koz is far from a calming influence.


I agree, but I’d rather have Kos in the lineup, than out. Either way I think the result will be the same.



Oh fuck! It’s not a bullshit! :cech:


@Castiel if this happens I suggest having a chat with @Cristo on how best to defend your countryman when pretty much the entire rest of the OA members hate him. :slight_smile:


I won’t have to he’ll be one of the best defenders we’ve had in ages and everyone will change their tune and I’ll just be here with a shit eating grin.

Either that or he’s rubbish and I’ll just sign up with a different username and nationality.


Ah the good old Bendtner days.

However Brady did a better job defending Bendtner than Cristo. “Bendtner & Giroud are same”


It might well be.

Remember that was a response to a question from a journalist. It’s not like he just came out and said it, because that would mean something :slight_smile:


I won’t pretend I’ve watch loads of Evans or the Valencia lad but West Brom fans rave over Evans:

Here’s 6 different posters:

Seeing how the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool defend makes you wonder how they scout players as Evans must be as good as anything in the EPL at present and following on from a brilliant Euros. Happy for him to stay under the radar mind !

Made me laugh today watching Arsenals defence get destroyed and yet their fans were sneering towards Evans.

It’s not often I think a player is too good for us, but this guy is quality.

Where does Jonny rank in terms of centre backs at the club? Probably the best we’ve had during the modern Premier League era for me, where does he rank all time? We’ve not done the “All time Albion XI” thread for a wile but I would certainly have him in there alongside either Robertson or Wile now. Come to think about it, I might have GMac and Evans as my all time CH pairing.

Chuffed we have him but he’s too good for us - should be at a top four club really. We should look to try and build the side around him for the rest of his career.

Seen some great centre halfs for Albion but Evans has to be near the top not only a great centre half or full back but also a great footballer what a snip. Never too good for us top 6 dont know what they missed.


Lol what the fuck everJonny Evans, Mustafi…makes no didference to me really it’s just so fucked up that it’s going to be another game with a Championship level central defensive pairing. Just fucking sign someone already you fucking dimwits.