Jonny Evans


Arsene Wenger wants to land a new defender by Friday after Arsenal 's injury crisis deepened.

Boss Wenger is trying to push through a move for either Valencia’s Shkodran Mustafi or Jonny Evans of West Brom before the season opener at home to Liverpool on Sunday.

Manchester United old boy and Northern Ireland international Evans, 28, is valued at around £15m.



Would prefer him to Mustafi.


@Maxi_Gooner selecting “totals” makes the squawka comparison a bit less useful


Mikael Sylvestre not available?



Johnny fucking Evans. Not good enough for Manchester United, decent at West Brom, and Wenger is trying to have him in by Friday.

The positive is obviously his experience in the league. The negative is I just don’t think he’s good enough for a team trying to challenge for the league. Fuck it.


Standard Wenger. Buy someone actually good you penny pincher :angry:





Now if he can also convince Will Grigg to join him then I’m all for it.


Rumours Mustafi is the #1 target but we want Evans aswell. Now this I would be pleased about. Evans is a lot better than Gabriel


How long till we start seeing “West Brom want £30mill for Arsenal target Evans”


I don’t think he is meaningfully worse than Mustafi, although the latter might be a better complement to Kos. Both would walk into our team and Evans has Premier League experience, including playing substantial minutes for some very good United sides from 10-13. If healthy, he is comfortably better than Mertesacker or Gabriel IMO.

But I’d still be disappointed if we get Evans simply because he is 28, is unlikely to improve, and has a very poor injury history. We should be looking to buy a CB that will be a mainstay of our first eleven for years and that has at least some chance of improving to a world class level. CBs can play well into their 30s but I don’t like the combination of Evans nearing 30 and already having such a bad injury history - it smells like the type of player we buy and then can only count on for half of every season.


Tell me this is a joke :wenger2:. And lol at 15 mil for him! :facepalm:


Lol thinking Evans isn’t good enough for Arsenal is a mainstream opinion, which means it couldn’t be less hipster.

You’d be more of a hipster for going against the grain and having a relatively unpopular opinion in wanting to sign him.

You’re basically the human emodiment of a top knot.


This is the “super quality” Wenger promised us, and he has kept that promise.
It doesn’t get much better than Jonny Evans.
Apparently Evans has turned down offers from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid because he wanted to come to a club that met with his own ambitions.
If this happens it will be the signing of the transfer window, bigger than Pogba and Ibrahimovic.
I’ve read that Wenger is going for an audacious double swoop for Berahino and Evans, from West Brom, in a bid to win the PL and CL.
Will 140m be enough to prise them away?


You couldn’t make this shit up.


Sir Alex Ferguson disagrees with you. He was one of Fergie’s favorites and played a key role in their run to the title. Just three short years ago, Ferguson thought he had become arguably the best defender in the Premier League and praised his quickness, his feet and his authority within the game. He had gotten sidetracked by injuries, but when it became apparent that Evans was not in Van Gaal’s plans last year, Fergie personally recommended him to Tony Pulis, telling him that all he needed was to play and he’d become a top class defender. I was just reading a couple of days ago that Lauren believes he would be just the right signing for Arsenal.

I understand that fans like to look down their noses at “smaller clubs” and convince themselves that a player who has gone from a big club to a small club is a failure and thus is crap, but sometimes it’s a matter of circumstances. The fact is that Evans is a solid, experienced 28-year-old Premier League defender of high quality. That would seem to be exactly what Arsenal needs at the moment. He may not be the “sexy” name that fans want in their quest to impress their mates, but I remember 18 months ago when Gabriel was the young, “sexy” (in name) Brazilian being brought in from a Spanish club. He may yet become an outstanding player, but his limitations (not even considering the injury itself) are the very reason Arsenal seems to be considering Jonny Evans.