Jonny Evans



I reckon since we always pip Spurs in the league, the summer must be their favourite time of year. From the outside, our transfer business must look absolutely comical.


All things considered probably not a bad signing, but we do have a way of making ourselves look like utter clowns.


Who the fuck actually cares what other fans think if it improves us on the pitch.


My doors will be ever open for a player born and bred under Alex Ferguson who judged him very useful, who has over 200 caps with Manchester United, played many Champions League games, won a Premier League being one of the best players in the squad.

In his career has played 5 finals, he knows what is the sense to play under pressure, especially for a great club.


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Lol thinking Evans isn’t good enough for Arsenal is a mainstream opinion, which means it couldn’t be less hipster.

You’d be more of a hipster for going against the grain and having a relatively unpopular opinion in wanting to sign him.

You’re basically the human emodiment of a top knot.
[/quote]Doesn’t @Castiel only want Evans purely for having a fellow Northern Irelander to get behind? :ramsey:


I’m not Northern Irish but I’d let @Castiel get right behind me :santi2:


Fergie loved Cleverly and said Phil Jones could become Man Utd’s greatest ever player. So who gives a fuck if he thought highly of Evans.

This would be an underwhelming signing, simple as that.


No, not until you support me in my pursuit of Northern Irish players.



People starting to really convince themselves this would be a good signing says it all.

Talked around into accepting mediocrity every damn time…Wenger is truly a magician.


As far as I know, Arsenal legend Lauren never expressed such opinions about Cleverly or Jones, but he believes Evans would be a great signing for Arsenal.

More importantly, did you watch Evans shut down Gareth Bale while playing left back for Northern Ireland in this year’s Euros? Wales ultimately had to move Bale to the other side to go against Gareth McAuley. In fact, Evans had a terrific tournament. And he was very good for West Brom last year as well.

I said two weeks ago (in the Mustafi thread) that it would be a good signing. But then I’m more concerned about what Arsenal actually needs than I am about appearances and name brands.


Well it’s undeniable that at this moment he’s a starter for Arsenal, so I don’t think we can really say it’s that bad.

However I’m 95% sure if Wenger was to go for this sort of player, he’d get someone £5m / £30k a week cheaper from Europe.


Evans should be an end product good enough to put on the pitch since the game against Liverpool. Evans, like Mertesacker and Koscielny, could help Holding, Chambers and Bielik to develop.

I vote him.


This transfer is beginning to make me think people don’t think Norn Iron is a cool place to come from.


To be fair he also thinks we don’t need Riyad Mahrez -

“He is a very good player, but how many similar players in terms of technically proficient, creative midfielders and widemen do Arsenal have already?

“They have Mesut Ozil, they have Jack Wilshere, they have Aaron Ramsey, they have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, they have Theo Walcott – Arsenal don’t need Mahrez.


Correct and none of the players we have are anything like Mahrez apart from Alexis but you need 2 wingers.


It’s classic Wenger. Cut out all the options and run down the clock so anything looks good. It’s like starving yourself for three days, dog food looks mighty tasty by that point.


It’s a classic of the people like you: everything is shit.


I said the positive is his experience in the Premier League and an obvious upgrade over Chambers, Bielek, and Holding. I don’t care that he is at WBA, he’s done pretty decent there. But with the money Arsenal have and names they’ve been linked to, I’m supposed to be jumping through hoops about Jonny Evans? Solely because the position of CB has been ignored despite the train wreck at CB that Arsenal are looking at to start the season with injuries?

Would Evans slot right into the starting role of he’s signed tomorrow? Absolutely. Sorry I’m not elated with Evans, would be a bit of a letdown, but an upgrade nonetheless.