Jonny Evans


As far as the defender goes; we’re only looking because Gabriel got injured. Otherwise there was nothing to do sooner (in Wenger’s mind).


Arsene painted himself into a corner! If Mustafi was the plan then buy Mustafi, maybe we spend a few million more than what you’d want in a perfect world but that’s just life.

Now we’ve managed to piss off Valencia and WBA must see us coming a mile away. What better way to put pressure on Arsenal to not approach your player then leaking his price to the press?


Is there anything real for Evans?

He’s experienced and probably not crazy money, but I don’t recall reading anything that made out we were seriously after him. Him and Williams just seem like textbook “someone could buy him if they really needed to” signings, like Hangeland, Reid, Jagielka over the last few years.


i.e Let’s make up a number, and watch Arsenal fans rage


Mid table signing for a mid table team. That’s the fact of the matter.


True that, but I suppose he’s better than nothing unless we’re trusting of Holding.


Better than nothing signings are worse than no signings at Arsenal because we are terrible at shifting them on when they’re reaching the end of their usefulness or flop.


We’re looking shaky-ish at the back after two games and toothless up front…sounds like a midtable team to me :wenger:


Guess we are signing him now :wenger:


Agreed with @Burgundy here. I would rather not sign a cast-off in this situation and just deal with what we already have. I mean I’m not expecting a great deal this season from Arsenal in terms of winning things so what’s the point in spending money on someone that is clearly low down the list of our options.


Now is it a dead leg or a “dead leg” :wink:


Better than nothing signings and extending the contracts of past it players are a hallmark of the last 10 years of wengers reign. Beyond the Marquee signings he buys risky dross,hands them stupid wages and watches them bomb out. then we cant sell them because of their silly wages and we loan them out at huge losses. I


even with Mustafi I could see us still going for Evans just as backup because of Mertesackers injury and Chambers probably being loaned out


The BFG is finished he should have been replaced last year . Holding has done well but with Kos back problems his fitness is precarious so we need a defender but we will shop around in the bargain basements for a player rather than pay for quality . Its what we do . Maybe just maybe hes scrimpt on a striker to go big for a defender but thats a hope more than expectation.


We have Gabriel returning in a month’s time.
Don’t think Wenger has ever had 4 experienced defenders, let alone 5 in last decade.


Even with our poor record of injuries to defenders, and Chambers going out on loan, the price would put Wenger off.
Pulis is talking about more than 20m, and there is no way Wenger would pay that just for a squad player unless there was an injury to Kos or he was selling one of our other CB’s.

I’m just glad we are getting Mustafi as a first choice CB, rather than Evans.


RIP Johnny. Wish it was you, but it was never meant to be.



So we signed Mustafi for nothing then :joy:


Christ what a shit show