Jonny Evans


Oh ffs


Banter FC.


Wouldn’t be the worst transfer IMO. If we lose Mustafi, we’ll need another CB and he’s a solid PL defender.

Though, I’m not going to lie, I never thought this transfer window would end with Arsenal and Man City fighting over Jonny Evans.


I like Evans. I think he’s better than Mustafi too.


Evans is a good CB in an organised defence like at Man U and West Brom.

Unfortunately we don’t have anything of that description at this club.




They can charge us what they want for him at this point tho really right? In the summer of money.

I’m down for breaking the club record transfer fee, £60m for Jonny Evans? :sunglasses:


Yep he will be made to look a mug consistently.

lol @ anyone expecting any different.


New Sylvestre?!?!? Awesome!


It all means that Evans to Arsenal is unlikely and his most likely destination remains Manchester City, provided Mangala agrees to go in the opposite direction.



That’s a new low for the club.
Being turned down by Jonny Evans.


Good business that.


Perhaps he just doesn’t want to play for one of West Brom’s rivals :sunglasses:


Fucking hell I hate everything about this transfer window. Just three more days left of it luckily.


West Brom are top half, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, West Ham are our real rivals this season :sunglasses:


Typical panic signing. Nothing new.


WBA are fighting for the Champions League, tbh :ozil2:


He would be a solid signing, I genuinely think he’d come in and give us a little bit of stability the way Arteta did. It would surprise a few people.


I agree, I have to say. Between Mustafi’s rash defending/poor positioning and his over-direct passing at times (even if he undeniably has quality on the ball, his decision making with it pisses me off every time I’ve watched him post first few months last season…might be partly because he’s been fed up with this club), I’m not too sad to see the back of him. And Evans has always struck me as a pretty intelligent player, was surprised when United got rid of him.


I never thought I’d see the day where you’d accept a solution from within the EPL!