Jonny Evans


Wenger will pull that right out of him.


This transfer window is taking us back to the 2011 summer, losing key players and trying to scramble for Johnny Evans types at the death, just wondering when is our stadium due to be paid off so we can compete ?




(this joke isn’t going away anytime soon)


25mil for evens I rather we bid that for Ben Gibson at least he has age on his side and his valuation would go up


When we come back with a club record £60m for Jonny, they’ll be powerless to stop us getting our man. Just need the Chamberlain and Sanchez money to come in first




Evans was another player I used to laugh at for United, a long with Welbeck and Silvestre (and we signed both of them) this is not looking good



1st Welbz and then years later Evans, 2 Man United rejects would be a stunning coup if we could pull it off :muscle:


I’d actually be OK about this signing if it wasn’t for the fact that he is 30.


We’ll sign him, he’ll probably be good, then in 8 months we’ll all be like “we need to think about signing Evans long term replacement”.


We’re in emergency because Per is shit and maybe Koscielny isn’t fully fit.

We need a CB with experience who can guide the defend, who can help the team to play with the back four, a tall defender capable to fight with strikers like Lukaku and Diego Costa.

Evans is the right player. I would be happy to see him in red.


Yeah, true enough. It’s a short term move though, and without Per and Kos, we’d be relying on him to be the leader in our back line.

I wouldn’t grumble at the transfer but we could and should be getting better than Jonny Evans.

If it does go ahead though, I wonder if we’d see someone like Debuchy going the other way?


It doesn’t really matter who we sign for the defence for the foreseeable future anyway (read for us long as Wenger is coaching this team :smile:).


Can’t actually say I’ve ever been that impressed with Evans. But if City are interested that says quite a lot :rofl:

Not really a signing looking forward though is it. For City he’ll be a stop gap, for us you know we’ll play him until he can’t walk anymore


Wouldn’t be my choice as an ideal singing at all, however, I think he’s a solid and dependable defender that has a lot of experience and has played for a top club before, he can also play in a team with a possession based approach.

He’d be baptised in fire playing for us though, would get exposed weekly like it’s a peep show.


He was one of the favorite players of SAF and i think he is an upgrade on holding/chambers.

If could bring someone like zouma, would be even better.


Welbeck was also one of SAF favs and that has worked out for us really well, so I agree lets continue the trend.


I’d probably be happy enough if we signed this guy.