Jonny Evans


God damn you @Midfield_Maestro, stop being logical and reasonable.

Get a pitchfork and be angry :slight_smile:


Would rather have Ashley Williams !?


Oh it’s definitely a panic buy.

“Do a job”, “stop gap”, “affordable” things that will be said ad finitum during future transfer windows at this club.

Fun times, the future never looked brighter.


Even better, get Shawcross! :slight_smile:


And he’s right. Arsenal doesn’t need Mahrez. They’ve got lots of quality wide players. It would be nice to have him, but he would be a luxury, not a necessity. A center back and an alternative to Giroud are more of a need than Mahrez.


Well, if it makes you feel any better, I was reading that if Gabriel has ligament damage Arsenal may try to bring in both Mustafi and Evans.


Plural? Name these “quality” wide players please.


Sanchez and thats all.


Who will play out wide for Arsenal? A look at Arsene Wenger’s options


Yeah we have several options but only one of them is top quality.


Come on mate.

Santi isn’t being played out wide, it’s centrally or not at all.

As for Walcott, Campbell, Chamberlain, Iwobi et al they aren’t quality they’re just what pass as “options” here at Arsenal.

The RW, striker position and well as CB should have all been priorities going into the transfer window for a club with real ambitions and a championship hunting mentality.

The majority of the players mentioned in that article are either way too inexperienced or would simply deemed not good enough and moved on at a real top club.


It’s not just about being angry. It’s about having an opportunity to actually the strengthen the team in a position where it is needed, but we’re not taking that opportunity and settle for a short term option who doesn’t really do anything for us in the long term. If we sign Evans that is.


Can you really say with any certainty that Sane, Sterling, Navas and Nasri will be any better? I can’t. Sane has the potential, certainly, but he’s 20 years old and hasn’t played in the Premier League (something that proved tricky even for big name Angel Di Maria). The hype is there. The results remain to be seen.

But then, as I was saying the other day, the grass is always greener…and hype seems to be the quality fans most look for in transfers.


Mertesacker, Gabriel, Evans, Chambers and holding.

Our quest to have the most average set of centre backs ever amassed will almost be complete.


A lot of people have thought that we should sign a centre back for a while now, last summer I said that if we couldn’t sign a top class striker what we should be doing is investing money in other areas of the side that need it. I thoght that we needed to sign established first team players in the holding midfield role and at centre back. Xhaka solves one of those issues, but in my opinion this summer should have been the time to buy a defender good enough to start for us.

So that’s why a lot of us aren’t happy with the idea of signing Jonny Evans. If I thought that all we needed was a squad player, a third choice, I wouldn’t have a massive problem with this signing. I still don’t think that I’d be wildly keen on it, but I wouldn’t be annoyed. But I think we should have been in the market for someone significantly better than what we already have even before the injuries. Instead it looks like we’re signing an average player who will in the future be a reason for us not to go out and buy a better player for that position.

When Spurs have in recent years gone and got a player like Alderwereild from another PL club for an affordable price I don’t see how any Gooner could really be satisfied with Jonny Evans. It’s not up to scratch.


For the last six years City finished five times in front of us. Maybe that’s why we think they have better players than us (overall)? And it’s not just a matter of the grass being greener…

Or Wenger’s just a proper shitface manager.


Jonny Evans playing in a Pulis-neanderthal style defense is very different from playing the way Wenger wants his CBs to play (i.e.: ball at feet, constantly exposed by lack of defensive instructions in the midfield). I can’t see this signing being a good idea.


He’s literally like three times as good as Gabriel with the ball at his feet.


Ball playing is certainly not going to be the problem with Evans.


I genuinely think the majority of people who are throwing a shit fit over this transfer have followed Evans very little and it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if most of the people crying out for Mustafi had never seen him play.